Projector PSA was born out of a need to solve a real business problem.

Before starting Projector PSA, the founders and principals worked together to grow a disparate set of acquisitions into AGENCY.COM, one of the leading multi-national digital marketing and technology consulting organizations. As the firm swelled to well over 1,600 employees, the executive team recognized that internal systems to help manage the business were essential to successful growth. Unable to find a useful pre-built application in the market, we built the initial version of Projector PSA for our own use.

After successfully managing the business for four years with the prototype application, our founders decided that if we had such a hard time finding an existing product, other companies must be facing the same challenge. We decided to productize our solution and offer it in an on-demand, hosted model to other professional services organizations. In 2003, the company Projector PSA was born.

From the outset, we decided to approach the PSA market in a different way. We have built a single product and are solely focused on the professional services automation market. We possess the experience that has enabled us to develop a solution uniquely deep in high-value features essential in the real world of professional services management.

Our approach, our product, and our pricing has allowed us to establish ourselves in the market as the premium professional services automation solution that can be attained at a surprisingly affordable price. Tens of thousands of users and hundreds of professional services companies call Projector PSA the ultimate answer to their professional services automation questions.