New Projector Webinar: 5 Signs You Are Outgrowing Your Accounting System

Is Your Accounting Software Obsolete?

Projector PSA presented the latest entry in its ongoing webinar series in October, focused on identifying warning signs that a professional services organization’s back-office accounting software is no longer meeting operational needs. This presentation explores how to properly evaluate the current viability of accounting software through the lenses of essential compliance measures, evolving operational complexity, ongoing performance visibility, system capabilities and limitations, and communication across the organization.

A key goal of the webinar is to surface solutions for professional services organizations that believe their accounting technology is no longer viable. Options presented and assessed include a modular expansion, point solution adoption, selecting an ERP (enterprise resource planning) platform, and onboarding to a PSA (professional services automation) tool.



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The top-performing 5% of organizations focus on balanced optimization of delivery, utilization, and project profitability, earning incremental gains of 17% to 28% in each individual metric, and nearly 90% higher revenue growth than their peers.

-SPI Research 2020 Professional Services Benchmark Survey

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