A Note of Thanks to our Customers—Projector Turns 10

Project 10 BirthdayIt was ten years ago, to the day, that the first version of Projector was released. And although version 1.0 of Projector looked nothing like the robust PSA solution it is today, the vision we had of designing a solution that solves real-world problems for professional services firms is as important to us now as it was day one.

We wanted to use this milestone as an opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support over the last ten years. Without your commitment, guidance, and sometimes patience, we wouldn’t be here today, nor would we be positioned so well for future.

Our success is a direct result of you. Every release of Projector contains features requested by you. Every new program we launch is designed to help you do more with Projector. And every time you call us, the person who picks up the phone is able to get you the answers you need.

Having made a conscious decision early on to remain a self-funded company—in an industry saturated with well-funded competitors—we have focused our resources on what really matters. This means that we haven’t spent millions on flashy marketing campaigns. This means that we haven’t wined and dined every influencer in town to get favorable reviews. Instead, we focus on the one thing that we think is most important—you. No investors, bankers, or Wall Street analysts are going to influence the direction of Projector. That’s your job.

We thank you for the opportunity to work for you and with you for ten great years. And, we look forward to what the next ten have in store.

Projector PSA Logo 2020