4 Ways a PSA Solution Makes you More Profitable – PSA Infographic Deconstructed: Part Two

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In our last blog post, we talked about how utilization and profitability were two sides of the same coin and dove a little deeper into the first side: improving utilization. Today, we’ll talk about profitability, the flip side. For professional service firms, where knowledge is the product, maintaining healthy profit margins is nothing short of an art. It takes a … Read More

3 Essential Tools to Improve Resource Utilization – PSA Infographic Deconstructed: Part One

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Resource Scheduling Software helps professional services firms match the right person with the right project. In the professional services business, utilization and profitability are two sides of the same coin. It’s quite simple to optimize one at the expense of the other, at least in the short run. Discount your rates heavily, and your utilization will soar, but to the … Read More

3 Strategies for Selecting the Right Software Vendor—the First Time

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Over the years we have spoken with quite a few companies as they were evaluating software solutions and have noticed a few approaches that work well, and a few others that have, let’s say, fallen short. Everyone takes a different approach. Some like to dive in head-first and prototype their business within a tool. Others like to perform a formal … Read More

What can Dr. Demming Teach your Professional Service Firm?

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Back in the 1950’s, Dr. Edwards Demming was one of the main proponents of the Shewhart Cycle, more commonly known as PDCA. PDCA, which stands for “Plan-Do-Check-Act,” is a four-step management model that strives to promote continuous improvement through constant iteration. It admittedly is not the most cutting-edge or sexy construct in this age of the balanced scorecard or services … Read More

Social Media and Professional Services Automation

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I am among the Facebook-challenged, an outsider amidst the Twitterati. My G+ is more like an F-, and for Pinterest I can’t muster a shred of interest. In short, my media is perhaps less social than the typical bright-eyed twentysomething fresh out of college. I was talking with one of those bright-eyed twentysomethings today about his perspectives around social media. … Read More

Beyond (Just) Regaining Lost Ground – 2013 Professional Services Benchmark Report

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SPI Research

2012 certainly presented its fair share of challenges to the worldwide economic and political landscape. Austerity measures and rising unemployment in the Eurozone, slowing growth that may indicate more fundamental underlying problems in China, and uncertainty in the run-up to the presidential elections and fiscal cliff here in the US all could have provided business leaders an excuse to play … Read More

Selecting a Professional Services Automation (PSA) Solution: Determining What Really Matters

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The folks over at Service Performance Insight just published a great white paper called Selecting a Professional Services Automation (PSA) Solution: Determining What Really Matters. We have known Dave Hofferberth and Jeanne Urich, the founders of SPI Research, for years and have always enjoyed their insight and perspective on the professional services market. In fact, it was while he was … Read More

Managing Permissions with User Roles

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Projector’s professional services automation (PSA) software is a cloud-based services resource planning system designed to be simple enough for small project teams and robust enough to support global professional services organizations with thousands of users. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that Projector contains tools designed to help organizations continually adapt their use of Projector as their … Read More

Growth, Accelerated – 2012 Professional Services Benchmark Report

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The second half of 2010 saw the professional services market starting to emerge from one of the worst recessions in decades. Organizations were just starting to hire, and all of the key indicators, such as annual revenues, bill rates, and backlogs, were trending up. Last year, Service Performance Insight, in their annual PS Maturity Benchmark Report, predicted accelerated growth in … Read More