Professional Service Contract Structures – Comparing 6 Different Models

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Professional Service Contract Structures

At the core of every professional services engagement there is a contract structure that dictates the expectations of each party. While strong results are ultimately what every client wants, the contract structure that surround consulting a project plays a significant role. It dictates who bears risk, when money changes hands, and the how final product is to be delivered. As … Read More

Contingency Planning for Professional Services Projects

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One of the greatest risks to a professional services project is starting it without dedicating any time to contingency planning. Sure you’ve delivered this type of project a thousand times. Of course, you have an excellent relationship with the client. Without a doubt, your team has the right skills to deliver under budget and on time. But things change, and … Read More

What to do When a Project Starts to Run Over Budget

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We’ve spent a lot of time on this blog discussing how professional services automation (PSA) software can help run a more successful services firm. From delivering projects more efficiently to increasing the utilization of your resources, PSA software provides a slew of tools that services firms can use to avoid project overruns and consistently deliver within budget. It is an … Read More

A Tale of Two Conversations: Managing Fixed Price Projects

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Last week, our head of business development, Barry Franklin, had an interesting conversation with a prospect who was interested in learning more about Projector. That conversation went something like this: Prospect: Can you forecast revenue accurately in Projector? Because if you can’t, this will probably be a short conversation. Barry: Yes, no problem. Prospect: What about for fixed price projects? … Read More