Customer Success Story: Dell Perot Systems

Company Profile

The MEDITECH Solutions Group (MSG) within Dell Perot Systems provides information systems integration, consulting services and ongoing support to hospitals and large physician practices to improve the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare. The group’s consultants travel to different projects across North America and Europe. That consulting team is the core of MSG’s business, and comprises about eighty percent of the group. The remaining team provides project management, support and back office resources.

SUMMARY: Through two
acquisitions over the past two
years, the MEDITECH Solutions
Group has used Projector PSA to
increase revenue, reduce billing
time and triple its capacity.

INDUSTRY: Healthcare Technology Consulting

LOCATION: Canton, MA and Plano, TX

Solutions Group wanted to streamline two critical business processes in order to increase efficiency while growing: scheduling its team of consultants, and collecting and billing their time

SOLUTION: Projector Professional Services Automation


  • Intuitive, web‐based time
    entry and tracking
  • 12‐hour billing turnaround
  • Improved visibility into project
    scheduling, costs and revenue
  • Integration with other critical
    business management

Business Challenge

Before MSG was acquired as a group inside the larger organization of Dell Perot Systems, it was an independent, private company providing the same suite of services. The company was growing quickly, due to the need among healthcare organizations to improve their hospital and clinical information systems so they can deliver the most effective care. MSG management knew the company could improve efficiency while continuing to grow by reassessing two key business processes: scheduling consultants’ time and billing for it.

Before Projector the group used two separate applications for collecting and billing time: one for timesheets, and another for financial management and reporting. Since the two applications couldn’t share data, it reduced efficiencies in issuing invoices to clients.

“Greater visibility is translating to immediate gains thanks to Projector. Now we can put teams together faster, and operate more efficiently.”

Dave Jarvis, Sr. Manager of Consulting Services


After researching available options, MSG leadership decided that a Professional Services Automation tool was the best fit. They needed fast implementation and return on investment, which led them to narrow their focus to hosted Software‐as‐a‐Service (SaaS) solutions. They needed a system that could handle the company’s growth in size and complexity. They also wanted to partner with a vendor who could respond to their changing requirements and meet their unique needs. Projector Professional Services Automation (PSA) stood out as far and away the best solution.

MSG engaged Projector Implementation Services, and was using Projector PSA to run their business within eight weeks.

“We saw immediate gains,” says Jarvis. “With Projector, we immediately had unprecedented visibility into project costs and scheduling needs. We had a master schedule and real‐time data. We put teams together faster, and operate more efficiently.”

In addition to resource management, the group also used Projector PSA to automate time collection and invoicing. Consultants enter their time through the intuitive Projector web interface and managers can easily review and approve it—all within the Projector application. MSG now turns timesheet data into invoices in record time. Jarvis says, “Even while the business grew, we decreased the time it took to invoice from five days to about 12 hours.”

“I give [Projector] an A+ in customer service and responsiveness.”

Dave Jarvis, Sr. Manager of Consulting Services


Projector PSA has kept pace with MSG, even as MSG’s needs have changed. During two different systems integrations that streamlined the group’s expense reporting, MSG required a speedy transition with no interruption to the business. Both times, Projector’s Professional Services group automated the flow of expense data into invoices without any changes in how MSG used Projector. Both integrations took just a day or two to complete. “I can’t remember a single time when I had to wait for an answer from support during either transition—or at any other time,” says Jarvis. “I give them an A+ in customer service and responsiveness.”

After the acquisition, Dell Perot Systems encouraged MSG to adopt its existing time
management solution in order to standardize processes across the company. MSG made a case to the leadership team to demonstrate how critical Projector PSA was to the efficient management of its business. They made such a convincing argument that not only were they able to keep using it, but now two additional groups within Dell Perot Systems are also using Projector PSA to manage their operations. Says Jarvis, “When we shared Projector’s resource scheduling capability and dashboards that display the pipeline of upcoming engagements, they realized it was a perfect fit for us. They also wanted to know how other consulting practice groups within the company could use it.”

Exceptional visibility into projects, reliable resource management, real‐time data,
customizable reporting—not to mention the rapid billing cycle it facilitates—makes the MEDITECH Solutions Group within Dell Perot Systems consider Projector PSA critical to the growth of its business

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