Infographic: 8 Fast Facts about Professional Services Automation

I’m a writer…and a reader. I admire the elegant turn of phrase, the graceful arc of a tale well told, the inescapable logic of an argument well made.

I’m also a visual person. I relish diving head first into a great photograph, letting it lead my eye around like a puppy on a leash. I love the way a simple diagram can express a complex concept with an efficiency not possible with an ocean of prose.

Finally, I’m a quant. I have a firm belief in data. 93% of business executives agree with me that, looked at in the right light and presented in a compelling manner, numbers can tell a great story. (OK, I made that statistic up.)

We put all of that in a blender along with my role as the product manager for Projector and hit puree. Out popped an infographic that explores the impact that a professional services automation solution can have on your services business… an infographic that we’re rather proud of. 

PSA Software Infographic

Over the next few blog posts, we’ll take the opportunity to explore each of the “fast facts” and delve into them a little more deeply. We’ll link to each of the more detailed blog posts as we publish them. Use one of the “Connect with us” links to the right if you’d like to know when we do.

So, until then, whether you’re a writer or a reader, a photographer or a designer, a quant or just a person trying to run your services business, I hope there’s something in our infographic that speaks to you. Or educates you. Or informs you. Or at least amuses you.

PSA Software Infographic Deconstructed

Part One: Improving Utilization – In the first part of our Infographic Deconstructed series we explore how professional services automation software helps service firms improve the utilization of their resources. As one of the key measures service firms use to gauge the efficiency of their business, even small gains in utilization can have a dramatic effect on an organization’s performance.

Part Two: Improving Profitability – In the second installment of our Infographic Deconstructed series we dive into how PSA software can help service firms improve profitability. From eliminating revenue leakage to better leveraging a diverse workforce, professional services automation software highlights opportunities to improve project profitability throughout every aspect of the delivery process.

Part Three: How to Deliver More Projects Successfully – In the third installment of our Infographic Deconstructed series we pivot our focus towards the effects professional services automation software can have on an organization’s delivery success. Because PSA software plays a roll in each stage of the project life cycle it has a strong impact on an organization’s ability to deliver successful projects. In fact, service firms that use PSA software tend to win more projects, cancel few projects, and deliver more projects on time than firms that don’t run their business on a services automation solution.

Part Four: Improving Delivery Efficiency – The fourth installment of our Infographic Deconstructed series focuses on delivery efficiency and how PSA software can help service firms do more–with less. From managing the supply and demand of resources to automating the billing and project accounting process, service automation platforms can have a powerful effect on organizational efficiently.  As a result, when compared to organizations that have not taken advantage of a PSA solution, service firms that run their business on a service automation platform require fewer billable consultants and non-billable support staff to deliver each million dollars in revenue.

Part Five: The True Cost of PSA Software – The fifth installment of our Infographic Deconstructed series examines the cost of implementing and running a PSA solution. By comparing the cost of user fees, contract terms, and implementation expenses to the bottom line improvements organizations experience from a professional services automation solution, the value proposition becomes very clear.

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