Projector Introduces Bi-Directional Microsoft Project Integration

Bedford, MA – August 23, 2008

Projector PSA, Inc., a leading developer of professional services automation (PSA) software, announces the release of version 4.1 of its Projector software. Projector, the most robust and affordable PSA software on the market, helps professional services firms streamline the delivery process and improves bottom-line results.

Projector version 4.1 introduces a new bi-directional Microsoft Project integration to give project managers more flexible tools to successfully plan and deliver projects. The new interface enhances Projector’s online project management tools by allowing project managers to combine the power of Projector with the familiarity of MS Project.

Bi-Directional Microsoft Project Integration

Projector’s new bi-directional integration with MS Project expands the project management capabilities within Projector. Task plans can be created in the familiar MS Project environment, and project managers can take advantage of their existing library of project plan templates.

These project plans can then be uploaded into Projector where they form the basis of resource planning and project tracking activities that ensure projects are staffed efficiently and delivered successfully. During upload, all the key attributes of the project plan such as assigned resources, efforts, durations, dates, and dependencies are preserved.

Once a project is underway, project managers can download the project plan back into MS Project, along with actual time recorded, hours remaining, and percent complete. This enables efficient archiving, printing, and distribution of project plans in a way that is familiar to most experienced project managers and clients.

Integrating project plans with Microsoft Project allows project managers to:

  • Track actuals to date and percent complete information right in MS Project.
  • Utilize MS Project’s excellent planning, display and printing capabilities.
  • Create project plans quicker by creating MS Project templates and avoiding double entry.
  • Staff projects faster by automatically generating resource requests and budget baselines from project plans right in Projector.

Version 4.1 of Projector has been automatically deployed to all customers, with no maintenance required by the user. As with all Projector upgrades, version 4.1 has been provided to subscribers at no additional charge. To learn more about Projector visit wwwtest.projectorpsa,com.

About Projector PSA

Projector PSA, Inc. is a leading developer of cloud-based professional services automation software. The company produces the Projector software suite, and also provides consulting and training services for its clients around the world. Projector streamlines operations through the entire delivery process, improves productivity, increases utilization, enhances profitability, and improves visibility. Projector PSA is a privately held company based in Bedford, Massachusetts.

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