Projector’s New PSA Software Features Focus on Infrastructure, Integrations, Accounting and Interface

New PSA Software Features for Professional Services Organizations

The March 12, 2022 release of Projector PSA focuses on new PSA software features that support our commitment to provide the insights, user experience and functionality our customers need to continue to manage and grow their services organizations.

Our guiding principles inform how we prioritize and deliver on the needs of our customers to provide the most value possible with every release. Our guideposts are:

  • Deliver a Unified Source of Truth: Projector serves as a unified source of truth for services organizations

  • Integrate Openly: To truly be a unified source of truth, a PSA needs to integrate with the systems that already exist within the delivery organization

  • Automate Responsibly: Automation needs to be thought of with detail and care

  • Align to Our Customers’ Success: Our customers’ success is our success. We work to find ways to make service delivery easier and free from heroics.

Building off of a successful shift to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in January 2022, the new release includes PSA software features such as enhanced revenue recognition in our accounting module, a modernized update to our user interface, and a new Microsoft Business Central integration.

Global, Scalable Infrastructure

In January, Projector shifted our hosting provider to AWS. A worldwide leader in cloud infrastructure, the move provides more opportunities to grow and scale Projector in 2022 and beyond.

Projector’s CEO, Denis Whelan, had this to say, “As we look to 2022, we continue to have big ambitions for our company growth. We fundamentally believe that the best project work is done without heroics. That means focusing on providing valuable functionality and a world-class customer experience to enable our customers to do more with less in a resource constrained world.”

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Enhanced Revenue Recognition for Services

Revenue recognition for services firms is often time consuming and requires structure and detail. Ensuring revenue is properly recognized can be complex. Projector boasts one of the most robust accounting modules of any PSA on the market and this release bolstered our web-based revenue recognition software tools for handling different contract types, including fixed price revenue over multiple periods.

PSA Software Features - Enhanced Revenue Recognition

Projector PSA Business Central Integration

Business Central Integration Adding to a long list of PSA integrations, Projector now integrates with Microsoft’s general ledger product Business Central. Using a Business Central connector, Projector can now send accounting transactions (AR, AP and GL) to Business Central. High level invoice, payment voucher and general ledger transactions flow into Business Central while Projector handles your project accounting subledger, providing the granular project detail needed to better measure and run your business.

Additionally, Projector now supports OAuth2.0 integrations, the industry standard protocol for authorization. OAuth 2.0 integrations with Projector, like Slack for time entry and the Microsoft Business Central integration, will be joined by additional integrations in 2022.

More New PSA Software Features: Smarter Search and Intuitive User Interface

When time is money, speed matters. Search and filter capabilities now allow users to access their professional services data more easily. A new “I know what I’m looking for” feature will take the user right to where they need to go, surfacing services and consulting data faster to allow continuous improvement in service delivery.

PSA Software Features - Search and UI

The Road Ahead for PSA Software Features in 2022

Looking at future plans for 2022, Projector will continue to deliver on the key areas that remain critical to ongoing delivery success: utilization, profitability, delivery and growth.

Expect to see deeper functionality in Projector BI, building on the market-leading Power BI analytics tool that creates unprecedented visibility at every level of the organization. As VP of Product, Richard Calhoun, put it, “Projector continues to provide the essential operational efficiencies our customers require to drive their business. In 2022, visibility through BI will continue to be a driver for higher-performing teams.”

Enhancements to modules for Project Management, Resource Scheduling and Project Accounting will also likely be included as professional services automation features in upcoming releases. Specifics will come in the months ahead.

To see the latest Projector PSA software features and how they can work for your organization, sign up for a demo. Our experienced sales team can walk you through how we transform services businesses to drive delivery success.

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