Projector PSA Introduces New Online Project Management Tools

Bedford, MA – October 13, 2007

Projector PSA, Inc., a leading developer of SaaS cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) software announces the release of version 4.0 of its Projector software. Projector, the fastest and most productive PSA software on the market, streamlines operations through the entire delivery process and delivers significant improvement in bottom-line results.

Projector version 4.0 includes the addition of new on-line project management tools and many new features and redesigned screens aimed at making Projector more powerful, flexible, and intuitive than before. The project management module is designed to reduce the amount of administrative work project managers need to do in order to plan and staff a project, manage team members in the delivery of a project, or collect and analyze information to understand its current status. The new project management functionality is integrated seamlessly into Projector’s existing project staffing tools and its historical time and expense tracking features.

Project Management Module

Projector’s new project management module gives Projector users more detailed task management functionality. Detailed task management allows project managers to create hierarchical task plans and assign tasks to resources. These task are then seamlessly translated into resource requirements that can be used to initiate Projector’s existing resource scheduling workflow. From here, project managers and resources are able to effectively communicate with one and another. Projector will automatically provide resources with their planned schedule and promotes a closed loop feedback system in which resources can identify work remaining and task completion as they log time spent on tasks.

In addition to Projector’s new detailed task management features, the new project management module includes many tools that will help foster collaboration and increase visibility on any project. Tools included in this module are:

  • Document workspaces that provide on-line collaboration areas to help project teams collaborate internally and with clients on the successful delivery of projects.
  • New budget baselines that give project managers the ability to create and track budgets in a more detailed and flexible manner.
  • New forecast and projection tools that allow project managers to model cost the same way as they can labor.
  • Project stages that give organizations the ability to model pre-sales and delivery workflows of projects to gain greater visibility.

Usability Enhancements

Projector’s version 4.0 also contains a whole host of usability enhancements. Included in these enhancements is a complete redesign of the Project Browser, Project Editor and Project Dashboard that makes them more powerful and intuitive. The Project Dashboard has gained a new set of key performance indicators (KPI’s) and the ability to track budgets in a more granular fashion as a result of the new project management module.

Alongside the redesign of the project interfaces, the time and expense entry interfaces have also been upgrade to have a new cleaner look and feel along with some changes under the hood to improve performance and useability.

Version 4.0 of Projector has been automatically deployed to all customers, with no maintenance required by the user. As with all Projector upgrades, version 4.0 has been provided to subscribers at no additional charge. To learn more about Projector visit wwwtest.projectorpsa,com.

About Projector PSA

Projector PSA, Inc. is a leading developer of cloud-based professional services automation software. The company produces the Projector software suite, and also provides consulting and training services for its clients around the world. Projector streamlines operations through the entire delivery process, improves productivity, increases utilization, enhances profitability, and improves visibility. Projector PSA is a privately held company based in Bedford, Massachusetts.

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