Beyond (Just) Regaining Lost Ground – 2013 Professional Services Benchmark Report

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SPI Research

2012 certainly presented its fair share of challenges to the worldwide economic and political landscape. Austerity measures and rising unemployment in the Eurozone, slowing growth that may indicate more fundamental underlying problems in China, and uncertainty in the run-up to the presidential elections and fiscal cliff here in the US all could have provided business leaders an excuse to play … Read More

Selecting a Professional Services Automation (PSA) Solution: Determining What Really Matters

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The folks over at Service Performance Insight just published a great white paper called Selecting a Professional Services Automation (PSA) Solution: Determining What Really Matters. We have known Dave Hofferberth and Jeanne Urich, the founders of SPI Research, for years and have always enjoyed their insight and perspective on the professional services market. In fact, it was while he was … Read More

Managing Permissions with User Roles

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Projector’s professional services automation (PSA) software is a cloud-based services resource planning system designed to be simple enough for small project teams and robust enough to support global professional services organizations with thousands of users. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that Projector contains tools designed to help organizations continually adapt their use of Projector as their … Read More

Growth, Accelerated – 2012 Professional Services Benchmark Report

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The second half of 2010 saw the professional services market starting to emerge from one of the worst recessions in decades. Organizations were just starting to hire, and all of the key indicators, such as annual revenues, bill rates, and backlogs, were trending up. Last year, Service Performance Insight, in their annual PS Maturity Benchmark Report, predicted accelerated growth in … Read More

How to Create Projector Reports from Scratch – Part 1

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Beyond the Frozen Pizza Nearly 25% of all the requests that the Projector support desk fields involves helping people find, customize, or create a report to give them visibility into a particular piece of information. That’s not surprising as when we designed Projector’s reporting engine, we intentionally wanted to put a lot of the tools and raw ingredients into the … Read More

Top 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Projector

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One of the great joys of designing and building a software product that is used by a myriad of different people in a myriad of different companies is helping them understand some new and novel ways they can get the most out of Projector. Some of these best practices come from how we thought about how Projector should be used … Read More

Capitalizing on the Recovering Economy with Professional Services Automation

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2008 and 2009 saw one of the toughest economic climates in decades hit the professional services industry. Services firms with customers rooted in the hardest-hit sectors of the economy—manufacturing, construction, and financial services—or whose offerings were considered discretionary spending by their clients often felt the pain of layoffs, cost cutting, or insolvency. Organizations that were left turned inwards, focusing on … Read More