Introducing the Projector e3 Program

Simple Questions

“How can I learn more about what Projector can do?”

“How can I make sure we’re getting all that we can get out of the system?”

“I’m not even sure what questions to ask…I don’t know what I don’t know.”

We’re used to fielding these sorts of questions from prospects—people thinking about implementing Projector as their new Professional Services Automation solution. Every once in a while, though, we get these same questions from one of our current clients. Perhaps the people who were originally trained left. Maybe the business has changed. Or, the organization may just have started simple. Now it wants to expand its use of Projector.

Whatever the reason, we didn’t have a great answer…until now.

A Better Answer

We’re happy to introduce a new program that will help out in this situation (and many others). We’re calling it “Projector e3.” The three e’s represent the main goals of the program…to educate, engage, and empower our users. Simply put, the objective is to enable our users to learn more so they can do more with Projector.

What is e3?

The e3 program is designed around a few simple principles:

  • It is organized around a community that will be made up of Projector users, experts both here at Projector central and in our client base, and potentially industry experts that we’ll invite in.
  • It will be centered around events such as webinars, presentations, discussions, forums, and conferences. These events will enable participants to learn more about Projector, pick up tips and tricks, share best practices, suggest enhancements, review product designs, and more.
  • It is intended to complement our existing support and consulting activities, but serve a different need in a different way than these other services. Rather than being one-on-one, e3 is intended to encourage broader, many-to-many interactions. Rather than being reactive, e3 is intended to be proactive. Best of all, e3 is free.

Now, and in the Future

Like all good communities, e3 has been designed from the start as something that will evolve and grow. We’ll start out with a few key activities and a few key members, but we’re looking to the community to help us shape the direction. Interested in a training session on reporting? Perhaps a sneak peek at our next release? How ‘bout a Q&A session with one of the Projector execs? We’ve got you covered.

Have a better idea? Great…let us know! That’s the point.

Great. How Can I Dive in?

Projector Community Program
Our community is easily accessible through Projector Web, interactive, and centered around a diverse set of assets including:

  • An expansive library of  webinars complete with content-oriented time stamps.
  • Short tutorial videos that cover basic and complex topics in two to three minutes.
  • Training assets focused on Projector functionality and best practices.
  • Articles written by professional service leaders discussing the latest industry trends.
  • Hand curated playlists targeted at specific roles in common professional service organizations.

If you are a Projector user, you will be able to visit the e3 Community through the Topics menu in Projector Web. Additionally, if you wish to check out what is new, you can see that through the Headlines feed on your Projector Home Page.

Most Importantly…

Just know that this whole program will only be successful if you, our users, get engaged. Let us know what events you’d like to see. Start a discussion about a topic in which you’re interested. Vote for an enhancement that would make your life a whole lot easier. Let us know if you have a great idea, some best practices, a template, a presentation to share.

Most of all, stay tuned. There’s more to come…

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