Projector Introduces a New Time Entry Interface Focused on Speed and Ease of Use

Boston, MA – February 23, 2012

Projector PSA, Inc., a leading developer of cloud based professional services automation (PSA) software, announces the release of version 4.4 of Projector. Projector, the fastest and most affordable PSA software on the market, streamlines operations through the entire delivery process and delivers significant improvement in bottom-line results.

Projector version 4.4 introduces a completely redesigned time entry interface that will simplify and expedite the time entry process for most users. This time entry interface leverages the latest in web technologies including HTML5, jQuery, and CSS3 to deliver a rich user experience, and is Projector’s first step towards a completely redesigned user experience. This release of Projector also includes a new custom invoice template designer and multiple enhancements to Projector’s already robust project management tools and resource scheduling functionality.

Enhanced Time Entry

Version 4.4 of Projector introduces an enhanced time entry interface that will simplify the time reporting process for employees and ensure more timely and accurate reporting for organizations. Employees can quickly drag and drop their time entries around their time sheet and copy previous entries to different days. In addition to enhanced usability, this new interface delivers more robust tools for project teams to track work performed to date on tasks and communicate task status back to the project management team.

Custom Invoice Template Designer

Alongside the redesigned time entry interface, Projector PSA introduced a myriad of other enhancements to its professional services automation solution. Among these other enhancements was a new invoice template designer that allows organizations to design invoice templates to meet their specific requirements. This new feature gives Projector users the ability to control exactly how client-facing invoices look and what type of information is included on them. This new invoice template designer will also help Projector users meet the invoicing requirements of their customers with simplicity and ease.

This version of Projector contains enhancements designed to make Projector more flexible and user friendly. Because Projector is a cloud-based solution the enhancements in version 4.4 has been automatically deployed to all customers. To learn more about Projector’s new features in version 4.4, visit

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