Projector Introduces Rolling Wave Scheduling

Wayland, MA – January 7th, 2006

Projector PSA, Inc., a leading developer of SaaS professional services automation (PSA) software, announces the release of version 3.3 of its Projector software. Projector, the fastest and most affordable PSA software on the market, streamlines operations through the entire delivery process and delivers significant improvement in bottom-line results.

Projector version 3.3 has greatly enhanced Projector’s already substantial resource scheduling abilities with the introduction of rolling wave scheduling. The resource scheduling module of Projector now allows for more granularity and flexibility in how resources are scheduled. Resources can be assigned to projects at the daily or weekly level to help accommodate the different type of staffing needs within organizations.

Rolling Wave Scheduling

Version 3.3 of Projector now allows for rolling wave scheduling to help project managers plan their projects with progressive elaboration using the technique known as rolling wave planning. Project managers are able to schedule resources by week in the long term, and convert and refine near-term needs to daily schedules as needed.

The task of planning out a long term project can be a daunting one when project managers do not have a full understanding of how the project will unfold. With the introduction of rolling wave scheduling Projector users are able to accommodate for uncertainty by scheduling resources at differing levels of granularity. In the distant future managers can schedule resources at a weekly level to indicate that resources are needed regardless of when the will actually perform the work. As it comes time to deliver the scheduled work managers can adjust the schedule to reflect the specific days that resources will be required.

In addition to allowing for rolling wave planning, the resource scheduling tools in Projector allow managers to schedule roles without assigning them to resources. This means that managers can plan out an entire project even if they don’t know specifically who will be performing the work. Projector allows them to define criteria for the role such as a resource’s title, their department, or the specific skills that they may have and book hours to that unnamed roll to generate a complete project plan. Projector has designed their resource scheduling tools to make the process of scheduling resources easier and more efficient for organizations large and small.

Version 3.3 of Projector has been automatically deployed to all customers, with no maintenance required by the user. As with all Projector upgrades, version 3.3 has been provided to subscribers at no additional charge. To learn more about Projector visit wwwtest.projectorpsa,com.

About Projector

Projector PSA, Inc. is a leading developer of professional services automation solutions. The company produces the Projector software suite, and also provides consulting and training services for its clients around the world. Projector, widely regarded as the fastest and most productive PSA solution on the market, streamlines operations through the entire delivery process and delivers significant improvement in bottom-line results. The software integrates seamlessly with, Intuit’s QuickBooks, and Microsoft’s Great Plains. Projector is a privately held company based in Wayland, Massachusetts, and on the Internet at

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