Aligning With Customer Success: New Features Announced in Projector PSA Fall 2022 Release

Projector PSA by BigTime Software

Projector PSA was architected to grow and scale with our customers’ businesses. The Projector PSA Fall 2022 Release was an opportunity to build upon our existing ability to provide unparalleled permissions settings across the platform and provide further updates to many features.

As our users know, our goal with every release is to use our guiding principles to inform how we prioritize and deliver new functionality:

  • Unified source of truth: A PSA serves as a unified source of truth for a services organization.

  • Integrate openly: Which means, the PSA needs to speak to the systems in the services ecosystem.

  • Automate responsibly: Automation needs to be thought of with detail and care.

  • Aligned to customers’ success: Our customers’ success is our success. We work to find ways to make service delivery easier.

This release, which went live October 15, 2022, was specifically designed to align with our customers’ success as every feature improvement was related to feedback from our customers.

This post highlights two examples from the October release that show how a top PSA software like Projector can evolve with the changing needs of growing services businesses.

New Privacy Setting for HR Data

A well-implemented PSA tool tracks billable and unbillable hours, providing visibility into everything from projected utilization to actual profitability. But with that visibility comes concerns around data privacy, especially when reporting on sensitive HR data.

The October release contains a new feature for those organizations tracking time off by type. Projector now has a setting to prevent “time off reason” from showing to people who do not have permission to view.

So, while permissioned users like HR managers will be able to view the reason for time off, those who simply need to know the person is scheduled to be out will only see “time off.”

As with so many permission-based configurations within Projector, this setting can be set broadly by user type, as well as narrowly by cost center, for individual users to ensure you have the appropriate level of control you require for your business.

Time off reasons are hidden or omitted across the entirety of Projector.

More Meaningful Management Alerts

Projector’s Management Alerts are a robust set of notifications to inform users of everything from missing time to resource staffing requests. They are a tool to help prioritize work, communicate with managers and be reminded of important to-do items.

For managers and others working across multiple projects, receiving and addressing multiple alerts every day can be time consuming. Projector addressed the need for customized alert settings in our recent release by enabling administrators to select a meaningful subset of alerts to display on users’ homepages.

Customizing alert settings will reduce the potential “noise” on the homepage and will also assist managers by focusing their teams on the items that matter most for delivery success.

Projector PSA by BigTime Software Fall 2022 Release
Prioritized alerts on user homepage.

Looking Ahead

In addition to feedback and requests, our product framework continues to serve as a foundational proxy for our customers’ needs:

As we look to future releases, we will develop Projector in balance with the needs of our customers and the larger professional services market. Expect to see some features and functions go deeper to provide organizational scale, and new functions developed to improve growth and delivery.

As always, our award-winning team will be on hand for support and questions. If you’d like to learn more about the Projector PSA roadmap, our recent acquisition by BigTime Software, or how Projector can set your business up for success, reach out to us.

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