Projector PSA Introduces New Advanced Analytics Module

Boston, MA – November 17, 2014 

Projector PSA, Inc., the leading independent developer of cloud based professional services automation (PSA) software, announces the addition of the Advanced Analytics Module to the Projector software suite. Projector, the leading best-of-breed PSA software solution, streamlines operations through the entire delivery process, and delivers significant improvements in bottom-line results.

Projector’s new Advanced Analytics Module (AAM) leverages modern business intelligence technology to deliver powerful performance dashboards within a services firm’s core operational system. Eliminating the need for manual collection and calculation of performance data, the Advanced Analytics Module automates performance measurement and analysis for professional services firms.

Delivering Real-time Visibility through Performance Dashboards

The Advanced Analytics Module provides services executives with real-time visibility into the health of their organization. Through pre-built connectors to popular business systems, such as or Microsoft Dynamics, the AAM can consolidate information from across the organization. Key delivery metrics, operational and financial targets, business projections, and historical performance are all accessible from within visually rich web-based dashboards.

“We are particularly excited about the introduction of the Advanced Analytics Module to Projector’s already robust tool-set,” said Steve Chong, Projector PSA’s COO and Product Manager. “It bridges the gap between the detailed transactional-level data and the holistic, 360° view services firms need to run their businesses successfully.”

Specifically Designed for Professional Services Firms

Because professional services firms require unique performance indicators, the Advanced Analytics Module comes pre-populated with dashboards specifically designed to measure a services-driven business. Segmented into the core areas of a services firm—financial, operational, and delivery—executives and practice managers are able to get an instant view into the organization’s success. Each dashboard illustrates the power of the Advanced Analytics Module and greatly decreases the deployment time of this fully functional business intelligence platform.

The Advanced Analytics Module is available to all organizations that run on Projector’s professional services automation platform. To learn more about Projector and the Advanced Analytics Module, please visit

About Projector PSA

Projector PSA, Inc. is a leading developer of cloud-based professional services automation software. The company produces the Projector software suite, and also provides consulting and training services for its clients around the world. Projector streamlines operations through the entire delivery process, increases utilization, enhances profitability, and improves visibility. Projector PSA is a privately held company based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Projector is a registered trademark of Projector PSA, Inc. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

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