Projector PSA Launches Community Group for Expanding Global User Base

Boston, MA – August 27, 2013

Projector PSA, Inc. today announced a new user community called Projector e3. The e3 initiative is named after the main goals of the program—to educate, engage and empower the users of Projector’s professional services automation (PSA) platform.

Projector PSA’s e3 program will combine virtual and in-person events with peer-to-peer discussions, training sessions, and an ever-growing asset library available to organizations using Projector’s PSA software. The community is intended to bridge the gap between the company’s product support and implementation consulting services, offering clients a convenient method to implement best practices and continually deepen their understanding of the software.

“With a rapidly growing global user base, we wanted to offer a forum for organizations to share best practices, provide feedback into the direction of the product, and increase the value they’re getting out of Projector,” said Steve Chong, COO of Projector PSA. “Starting a Projector community group was a natural way to do this. It also provides a powerful vehicle to help keep up an ongoing dialog with our customer base on what we’re thinking and where we’re headed.”

Projector PSA kicked off the e3 program with a design review of their upcoming version 4.6 release. David Katz, Projector PSA’s Vice President of User Experience, demonstrated a new web-based interface intended to make it easier for users of Projector to approve and manage time and expenses reported to projects.

“Collecting suggestions and feedback from our users has always been an important part of our design process,” said Katz. “Holding design reviews as part of the e3 program allows us to expand the number of users we’re able to engage with and to get a better sense of our clients’ unique needs.”

The Version 4.6 Design Review Webinar is the first of an ongoing series of e3 events that will include targeted user training, feedback and review sessions, open discussions, and presentations from service industry experts. All webinars and assets will be archived and made available to Projector PSA clients to utilize in the future. As the e3 program grows, additional events and educational opportunities will be held to continue to educate, engage, and empower users of Projector’s PSA software.

To learn more, please visit the Projector e3 Overview blog post.

About Projector PSA

Projector PSA, Inc. is a leading developer of cloud-based professional services automation software. The company produces the Projector software suite, and also provides consulting and training services for its clients around the world. Projector streamlines operations through the entire delivery process, increases utilization, enhances profitability, and improves visibility. Projector PSA is a privately held company based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Projector is a registered trademark of Projector PSA, Inc. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

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