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The Challenge
What does the company that created immersive VR and CGI experiences for the likes of Lamborghini have in common with the designer of a $24 billion strategy to transform agriculture in Africa? What about the agency that just may have introduced you to Downton Abbey and Orange is the new Black? Or the developers of the software that Penn State uses to manage their entire campus? How about the builders of a spray-painting robot controlled by fans of Guinness on Facebook? They are all businesses bent on transforming our technologies, our brands, our culture, and our world around us. They also are all companies that use our product to transform their own businesses.

We work with some of the most innovative professional services organizations around the world to help them stay focused on innovation by running their businesses on our software, Projector. Projector is a professional services automation solution used to help billable project teams plan, execute, track, and bill for the type of work often delivered by digital marketing agencies, technology companies, and management consulting firms.

We are a small, nimble company that competes (successfully, I might add) in a market with several much larger competitors with very deep pockets. We actually like being the David to their Goliath as it forces us to be more strategic, efficient, and targeted about our marketing activities, and makes us combat brawn with brains.

Having said that, we are also a profitable company with a 15-year track record, an established product and business model, and a rabidly enthusiastic (and continually growing) client base. We have many of the advantages of a small, entrepreneurial culture with few of the downsides of a typical startup.

If all this sounds incredibly interesting and you’re undaunted by the prospect of rolling up your sleeves and doing a lot of hard but exciting work, let’s talk…

The Opportunity
We are looking for an entry- to mid-level marketing professional who is interested in participating in and being exposed to the entirety of our marketing efforts. This isn’t a role for someone interested in being a tiny cog in a massive marketing engine. It will range from content creation (such as our ebook, infographics, and blog), social media, and web design to performance analytics, search engine optimization, and marketing automation. Working directly with our COO and our Senior Marketing Manager will give you a great foundation in all the strategies and techniques used in successful in-bound and out-bound B2B marketing. It may also expose you to some approaches on more of the cutting edge, such as how we’re using sentiment analysis to understand product positioning or artificial intelligence to fuel our lead generation pipeline.

We’re not necessarily looking for someone who’s done all of this a million times already, just someone who’s not afraid to dive in, learn on demand, and apply creative problem-solving skills to some really challenging and interesting problems. If you have done some of this before, even better—but talent beats experience any time. Most importantly, we’re looking for someone who’s passionate about and unafraid of having a real, significant impact on our business and our growth.


  • Excellent persuasive communication and story-telling skills, both verbal and written
  • Proven ability to work in an organized, detail-oriented, and self-motivated manner
  • Ability to meet deadlines with minimal direct management
  • Solid business background (e.g., the ability to understand typical professional services management metrics such as utilization and profitability) preferred
  • Strong problem solving and mathematically oriented analytical skills preferred
  • Keen sense of visual design and experience with the Adobe Creative Suite a definite plus


  • BS in business, marketing, communications, or equivalent
  • 2+ years professional experience in marketing, sales, communications, or other relevant fields
  • Ability to work out of our Boston office full time

The Company
Projector PSA is a company that develops a leading cloud-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) suite that helps services firms efficiently manage their operations. Projector supports those organizations by helping them track time and expenses, invoice their clients, schedule their resources, and manage their projects.

Founded in 2003, we are growing rapidly, and our success is largely due to a small and tightly knit team of people that share the ability and the passion to contribute to many facets of the business. We are a profitable company with an established, enthusiastic user base and a stable, proven business model. Because of this, we are in the fortunate position of being in control of our own destiny, and are not dependent on winning the next round of VC in order to make next month’s payroll.

The Process
If you’re intrigued by all of this, let us know at As you can hopefully tell, this isn’t just another random opportunity, and we’re not looking for just another random candidate. Don’t just send us your resume and your generic “consider me” cover letter that you blast out in bulk. Tell us why you think you’d be a good fit. Let us know what intrigues you about the opportunity. Tell us what scares you. Ask a question or two. Stand out from the crowd.

We’re looking to fill a special role with a special person here, so applications that are part of an indiscriminate carpet-bombing campaign won’t be terribly successful. Show us that you have some understanding of what we’re looking for and how you can help. Oh, and do us a favor and let us know how you found us.

Looking forward to talking with you…

Steve Chong
Chief Operating Officer

Projector PSA, Inc.

Projector PSA, Inc.
85 Merrimac Street, Suite 200
Boston, MA 02114

Principals only. No agencies or contractors please.