Helping the Performance Development Group optimize its own performance.

Ed McKenna, VP of Operations
Performance Development Group

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Enabling the entrepreneur’s dream from start-up to acquisition and beyond.

Company Profile: Optaros

A fast-growing provider of agile e-commerce solutions.

At a Glance
Projector supported Optaros from their days as a small start-up and through their rapid growth into a multinational organization. It continues to run their operations after being acquired by MRM//McCann, one of the largest digital markting agencies in the world.

Providing the tools for a worldwide company to manage their operations worldwide.

Company Profile: Prolifics

The largest end-to-end systems integrator specializing in IBM technologies.

At a Glance
Prolifics uses Projector to manage a worldwide operation and relies on its strong project management, resource management, and multi-currency capabilities.

What over a decade-long relationship with Projector can bring.

Projector has been instrumental in enabling our rapid growth since we started using it in 2005. With its excellent integration with QuickBooks, Projector has enabled us to grow into a complex, multi-national organization without having to switch to a more expensive accounting system.

Herb Matheson, President
Validation Technologies

Helping one of the world’s premiere creative agencies stay creative.

Company Profile: Tribal DDB

One of the top ten international digital marketing agencies.

At a Glance
Tribal manages their projects and people within Projector, including all the work that flows through their studio and their PMO.

Meeting the deep financial needs of savvy CFOs who know finance deeply.

When we started our search for a Professional Services Automation tool, Projector immediately stood out because of its refreshing depth. It was able to model our business and our revenue recognition needs in ways that its competitors were simply unable to.

Bruce Lovenberg, CFO
Logical Design Solutions

Making sure your Board is on board.

Projector’s sophisticated reporting tools provide our Board and our management team great visibility into the performance of our business against key operating metrics.

Emily DeMelo, CFO

Providing strong project management tools while guiding process improvement.

When we started our search for a Professional Services Automation tool, Rolling out Projector gave us an opportunity to also think hard about best practices and invest in our project managers. Not only did the implementation give us a solid project management application, we now have stronger processes and key data at our fingertips that help keep projects from going astray.

Daphne Thomas, EVP Professional Services

Supporting the growth of one of the world’s largest technology companies.

Find out how an elite medical systems integration firm used Projector to triple in size and weather two acquisitions, ultimately ending up as a division of one of the world’s largest technology firms.

Dell Perot Systems

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Bottom-line results for a top-tier A&E software company.

Talk about results–Projector was key to driving a 16 percentage point increase in billable utilization and a return on investment of more than $9.8M.

David McKenney, Vice President
Bentley Systems

Transforming a business in the business of transforming healthcare.

The system has totally transformed our operations, and excited our team members and customers. Team members highlighted our switch to Projector as one of their top ‘satisfiers’ in a recent employee survey—they love it .

Jim Hennessy, CEO
e4 Services

Supporting the unique needs of fluidly moving creative agencies.

Projector was initially designed to manage a creative agency...and it shows. It works perfectly in the extremely fluid environment that defines our business.

Shannon Kalkstein, Director of Project Management
Tribal DDB

Providing operational management systems to an enterprise that designs enterprise- level digital experiences.

Company Profile: Logical Design Solutions

Management consulting firm that drives enterprise-level digital transformation.

At a Glance
LDS evaluated all the major PSA players and provided a detailed scenario for vendors to run as a proof of concept. Only Projector was able to meet all their requirements, including having the project accounting tie out to the penny.

Empowering a B2B marketing consultancy to meet and beat profitability targets.

Read about what a boutique strategic marketing firm did after their previous PSA could no longer support their growth and how that resulted in exceeding profitability targets by 160%.

BuzzBee Company

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Bringing the agility of a small start-up to the enterprise.

Greater visibility is translating to immediate gains thanks to Projector. Now we can put teams together faster, and operate more efficiently.

Dave Jarvis, Sr. Manager of Consulting Services
Dell Perot Systems

Providing the technology to knit together the people who knit together people and technology.

Company Profile: Electronic Ink

An international design consultancy dedicated to improving the way people interact with technology, environments and one another.

At a Glance
Projector is the key system that enables Electronic Ink to marshal their international team of professionals to deliver the right people, on the right project, at the right time.

Allowing a management consulting firm to concentrate on consulting rather than questioning their data.

Read about how a data-driven management consulting firm learned to trust their data again by replacing their outdated PSA software with Projector.


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The best-of-breed cloud solution chosen by a business whose business it is to know the cloud.

Find out why the company that helps its clients choose cloud solutions got rid of its integrated suite to adopt Projector.


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The perfect PSA solution when you’re looking for your second PSA solution.

The Projector user interface is so elegant and quick that it’s a pleasure to use. I have previously used two other PSAs (that I will not embarrass by naming), and what I can do in Projector in two minutes would have taken orders of magnitude longer in those systems.

Ian Willats, Managing Director
Pebble Bay

Bringing unique knowledge of the professional services industry to professional services firms.

Projector knows the ins and outs of a professional services business. It was clear from the beginning that this company had developed a tool that can handle any situation in the consulting business.

Bryan McGowan, Controller and Director of Operations

Ensuring that the whole is greater than just the sum of its parts.

Company Profile: W2 Group

A global marketing services ecosystem.

At a Glance
Projector enables the various entities of the W2 Group to operate as a consistent whole, integrating staffing, reporting, and customer interface into a single platform.

Providing the tools to precisely model complex business problems.

The Projector team obviously has a deep understanding of applying technology to solve complex business problems and has used it to build an extremely robust Professional Services Automation tool that models our business with greater precision than anything else we’ve seen.

Don Swalinski, VP of Professional Services

Combining world-class products with world-class services.

Projector is one of the few software companies that truly prioritizes the level of service it provides to its clients equally to the software it is developing.

Vivian Keena, CEO

Replacing homegrown systems in order to help a growing company grow.

Company Profile: Advocate

An enterprise communications consulting company.

At a Glance
Advocate used Projector to replace several standalone and homegrown systems, resulting in a single, integrated solution for their business.

Understanding what’s important to experienced professional services executives.

Projector continually surprises me with the amount of thought that went into its design. Several times, we came up with needs we thought were obscure, only to find those features already built into the product.

Mavis Chin, EVP Delivery

Brevity… soul… wit.

Overall the best PSA tool on the market.

Ed Nemes, CEO