Projector provides an operational foundation for any organization that provides expertise on a consulting basis, whether in marketing, engineering, finance, environmental, change management, human resources, or any other knowledge area.

Projector’s integrated modules, Advanced Analytics, Project Accounting, Resource Scheduling, and Project Management work together to solve consulting firms’ biggest challenges of assigning people to projects and maintaining profitability.

Bringing unique knowledge of the professional services industry to professional services firms.

Projector knows the ins and outs of a professional services business. It was clear from the beginning that this company had developed a tool that can handle any situation in the consulting business.

Bryan McGowan, Controller and Director of Operations

Helping the Performance Development Group optimize its own performance.

Ed McKenna, VP of Operations
Performance Development Group

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Allowing a management consulting firm to concentrate on consulting rather than questioning their data.

Read about how a data-driven management consulting firm learned to trust their data again by replacing their outdated PSA software with Projector.


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“Who’s working on what?”

The key to running a successful consulting firm involves getting the right person with the right skills in the right place at the right time. Not easy. Projector takes the guesswork out of juggling multiple projects and a team of consultants. Its powerful tools help you make the best use of your most important asset: your people.

Projector’s Resource Scheduling module gives you the ability to track the attributes of each of your consultants, including skills, certifications, competencies, preferences, and experience. Use it to assign people to projects, and then put your day-to-day data to work to gain insight into hiring needs, utilization, revenue and profitability.

“How easy is it to use from the road?”

Easy. Projector meets your consultants where they are with online and mobile time entry, so they can log billable hours at the client site, the airport, back at the office, or anywhere in between. Consultants’ assigned projects show up automatically in their time sheets, so they never have to look anything up.

Administrative staff can keep in touch by setting up outbound emails and alerts in Projector to remind consultants to enter time and expenses (reducing revenue leakage) or to notify them about scheduling changes.

Online project workspaces provide anytime, anywhere access to project assets and documents, customer and billing information, and issues tracking.

“What about billing by the day?”

Projector’s flexible billing system supports any way you charge your clients including time-based hourly or daily billing as well as fixed-price projects with delivery milestones or not-to-exceed contracts.

Our revenue management is flexible too – giving you control over when and how much you invoice clients separately from when and how much revenue you recognize, and can accommodate pre-payments and holdbacks.

“How is that project doing?”

Track project performance and profitability in real-time — even into the future. Resource requests combine with actual time and expenses and budgets to give you a powerful early warning system that identifies projects in trouble. Projector can also compare project plans to consultant-entered time and percent complete data to gauge the health of a project – before it starts showing symptoms. And it all happens automatically, with no manual data re-entry required.

Projector also lets you set up automatic email alerts that warn you when projects are at risk of going over budget. In this way, and many others, Projector keeps you supplied with answers about your business — sometimes even before you ask the questions.