Projector originated as a custom-built application for a multi-national digital marketing firm. We designed it to meet the needs of an organization that was growing quickly and managing hundreds of projects and thousands of resources at once. The application allowed us to make the best use of the resources we had, and gave us visibility into what was going on with each different team in each different office.

Supporting the unique needs of fluidly moving creative agencies.

Projector was initially designed to manage a creative agency...and it shows. It works perfectly in the extremely fluid environment that defines our business.

Shannon Kalkstein, Director of Project Management
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Empowering a B2B marketing consultancy to meet and beat profitability targets.

Read about what a boutique strategic marketing firm did after their previous PSA could no longer support their growth and how that resulted in exceeding profitability targets by 160%.

BuzzBee Company

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Providing the technology to knit together the people who knit together people and technology.

Company Profile: Electronic Ink

An international design consultancy dedicated to improving the way people interact with technology, environments and one another.

“Can I get a designer for three hours next Tuesday?”

Projector’s advanced resource scheduling capabilities help you manage your studio, using your limited resources in the most efficient, best possible way so that you can keep up with the dynamic nature of creative work.

A project manager may know she needs a programmer full time Monday through Wednesday, four hours on Friday, and then for eight hours sometime during the following week. Projector can handle all kinds of scheduling needs: specific, general, and intermittent. In fact, we’re really good at it.

When clients come back with last-minute changes, sometimes you need a designer right now. Projector’s Resourcing Dashboard gives resource managers shortcuts to quickly accept and reject resource requests, assign resources to roles, and make changes on the fly.

“Is everyone really as busy as they think they are?”

Creative work is hard to pin down in advance, so scheduling is always a bit of a guessing game. A single person may be assigned to work on five or six projects each day. If any of the projects get delayed, you lose billable time. Projector’s customizable conflict detection helps reduce lost time by visually alerting you to a resource overbooking or availability. Because customers often delay creative work at the last minute, the Resourcing Dashboard allows you to configure the level of overallocation that triggers visual overallocation alerts. And to help you see people that have significant available time, the Resourcing Dashboard also allows you to configure the level of availability that triggers visual availability alerts.

Projector can also tell you if you have more work than people, and need to hire additional employees or contractors to fill the void. It can answer questions about what locations, titles, or skills will have the most unmet demand.

“How profitable is each account?”

Creative firms invest a lot of time and money developing business with key clients. Projector can report profitability at a client level to give management a full understanding of the impact of the business development work, spec creative, account management, and other investment required to win and service your clients. It also reports profit by department, title, location, and resource to give management a thorough understanding of each delivery team’s effectiveness.

How do we do it? Projector’s alerts, automatic reminder emails, and easy-to-use time and expense entry interfaces — including one you can use on your iPhone or Android device — make it easy for resources to enter billable hours, project costs, and status updates. That takes some administrative pressure off your project managers. It also helps you capture everything, store it in the system, and keep everyone in the loop via dashboards and reports.

In short, Projector works for creative firms. We know, because we built it to run one. It handles specific, general and intermittent resource scheduling. It reduces busy work and increases visibility by gathering billable costs and turning them into valuable reports. Plus, it helps everyone stay informed and organized.