High-performing services teams within the cybersecurity and compliance services industry leverage Projector PSA as their centralized operational platform to deliver projects with confidence, empower remarkable service performance and scale.

In today’s globally connected world, cyber risk is widespread, spanning all industries. As organizations race to detect and respond to breaches, automate and digitize operations management, and respond to spikes in remote work, the emphasis on robust cybersecurity programs for digital services is accelerating.

Projector drives visibility and alignment across the key drivers of resource utilization, project profitability, and delivery success for security and risk management professionals who deliver project-based work.

Projector PSA is a leader in Professional Services Automation on G2
Projector PSA is a leader in Professional Services Automation on G2
Projector PSA is a leader in Enterprise Professional Services Automation on G2
“How will Projector help my organization respond to sudden spikes in client demand?”

Reacting to changes in the pipeline is not easy to do in a scalable way. Organizations need dependable information to ensure they have the right teams, capacity, and capabilities to meet delivery demands. Projector monitors firm-wide performance and communicates if teams are on-track to reach their delivery goals so they can make strategic adjustments to balance their organization’s resources and delivery demands.

Projector’s resource scheduling tool enables visibility throughout an organization’s entire resource pool. It communicates the impact of individual staffing decisions on the profitability of both a project and the firm as a whole. As a result, teams have the ability to anticipate the financial implications of project delivery, ensure the right mix of resources to deliver client expectations, and achieve profitability goals.

Projector’s project management tool provides a single project workspace to keep a pulse on all aspects of your projects, including client communication, task planning, role assignments, and detailed budgeting. Projector provides early indicators for project performance, such as tracking a budget’s estimate-at-completion, in addition to actuals-to-date. As a result, teams gain confidence in their ability to understand what it will take to successfully handle incoming projects in the pipeline.

“How will my team use Projector to handle day-to-day business needs?”

Hundreds of services teams worldwide trust Projector to manage their day-to-day services delivery. Projector includes a set of integrated modules (Advanced Analytics, Project Accounting, Resource Scheduling, and Project Management) to effectively scale operations to meet client delivery demands.

The flexible platform is designed to grow alongside your business. Projector provides visibility throughout an organization’s entire resource pool and pipeline so teams can better manage their people, projects, and profit margins. As examples, Projector simplifies time entry and expense, optimizes resource scheduling, and alerts leaders about projects that are at risk of going over budget. As a result, our customers spend less time reacting to the past and more time proactively responding to fluctuating projects and deepening client relationships.

Billable Utilization

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Project Profitability

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Revenue per Consultant

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“Does Projector scale with the changing needs of my business?”

Yes, Projector enables scale while ensuring operational efficiency and a proactive approach to project delivery. Projector acts as the centralized operational platform for services teams so they can focus their time and energy on responding to clients’ robust cybersecurity program needs.

Projector surfaces trustworthy data across multiple views into your people, your projects, and your performance to unlock more timely and informed conversations across the organization. Projector’s real-time dashboards provide high-level views that quickly pinpoint delivery areas that need attention. As a result, our customers focus less time trying to identify potential problems, and more time serving clients to manage cybersecurity threats and compliance mandates.

“Will Projector work with the software I already have?”

Yes, Projector adapts to the unique needs of every organization and is designed to plug directly into your existing business systems. Projector tightly knits together the essential components of service delivery (resource scheduling and forecasting, project planning and delivery, and performance monitoring and reporting) with the existing tools other functional areas use to transform their work processes.

Examples of systems that Projector can integrate with include accounting systems, CRM software, Business Intelligence tools, and project management solutions. If a specific software is not on our list of pre-built integrations, we are happy to discuss custom integrations and have worked with clients in the past to do so.