Projector’s PSA software is a great fit for technology companies, whether they be pure professional services organizations or a hybrid of professional services and product development, perhaps with both services and non-services revenue. That’s because most technology companies are project-centric and because Projector’s use can be tailored to meet the somewhat different needs of services and development. We know that Projector professional services automation software is a great fit for consulting groups that provide technology implementation, integration, and other complementary services.

How do we know? Several reasons:

First, several of our executive team members worked in the systems integration industry for years at Quadris and Sapient.

Second, our customers include both professional services groups within technology companies as well as independent organizations that install specialized software or hardware, and train customers how to use it.

Third and most importantly, we’re a technology company with our own implementation-consulting group that we run with Projector.

Supporting the growth of one of the world’s largest technology companies.

Find out how an elite medical systems integration firm used Projector to triple in size and weather two acquisitions, ultimately ending up as a division of one of the world’s largest technology firms.

Dell Perot Systems

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Enabling the entrepreneur’s dream from start-up to acquisition and beyond.

Company Profile: Optaros

A fast-growing provider of agile e-commerce solutions.

At a Glance
Projector supported Optaros from their days as a small start-up and through their rapid growth into a multinational organization. It continues to run their operations after being acquired by MRM//McCann, one of the largest digital markting agencies in the world.

The best-of-breed cloud solution chosen by a business whose business it is to know the cloud.

Find out why the company that helps its clients choose cloud solutions got rid of its integrated suite to adopt Projector.


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“Can it handle my product sales and licensing revenue, too?”

Technology integrators often bring in several kinds of income, such as revenue from product sales, licensing, and subcontracting as well as straight-up services. With Projector, you can model all of them.

Within your service offerings, you may be doing several different types of work, perhaps including a fixed price initial implementation, maintenance on a time and materials agreement, retainer-based support, or a combination of all three. Projector’s flexible project structure allows you to model and track all kinds of projects. It also makes it easy to capture revenue from activities and sales beyond fee income — so you can measure and understand your whole-project profitability.

“What’s profitable — and what isn’t?”

With Projector, you don’t have to wonder which parts of your business make the most profit. Our dashboards and reports let you roll up or drill down to the level of detail that you want to analyze your business and get answers about what’s really going on. You can break the numbers down by client, project type, office, region, or product line.

Product companies with internal consulting organizations will appreciate Projector’s ability to model and manage non-billable development and marketing projects along with the billable consulting projects. Both kinds of work need plans, resource assignments, status tracking, and project management.

“Does it manage the simple, the complex, and everything in between?”

Projector allows you to model large, multi-person, long-term projects that require hundreds of interdependent tasks. It also handles straightforward and short-term projects with elegance and ease.

Our detailed task-level planning lets you model each project individually based on the level of complexity you need. You can turn project plans into estimates or resource requests with a few clicks of your mouse.

Additionally, you can use Projector to model and manage other types of work you may do for your clients, including support activities, maintenance, staff-augmentation, managed services, and resale of software and hardware technology components.

“Will it talk to the software I already have?”

Projector’s modules, Advanced Analytics, Project Accounting , Resource Scheduling, and Project Management, work as one seamless system. And, each module can also integrate with the systems and software you’re already using to run your business.

Projector includes pre-built connectors for:

If your software isn’t on the list, either our development team or yours can use Projector’s web services to create a custom integration for just about any other system you use. We have worked with our clients to build bridges to products as diverse as SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Infinium, Thomson Elite, Concur, AvaTax, Sugar CRM, Jira, and Crystal Reports, as well as to a myriad of custom, proprietary applications.