Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Projector PSA

Our DEI Commitment:

Here at Projector, we have framed a charter about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We fundamentally believe that all businesses benefit from interpersonal diversity. A truly diverse organization thrives with the vibrant inclusion of individuals who vary by gender, by race, by ethnicity, by class or class background, by belief, by opinion, by lifestyle. We assert that a diverse environment is one of resilience, creativity, adaptability and prosperity.

Our Belief System Around DEI

DEI in our cultural community is a good ethical practice: It serves the greater good even outside the boundaries of our workplace. The broader society and culture will be more resilient if businesses commit themselves to do good in the world. We believe that fairness, cooperation, and equity have an impact on our communities. When communities thrive, we all benefit.  

DEI in our corporate community is a good business practice: It enhances resilience, supports and enlivens the marketplace of ideas, promotes out-of-the-box thinking, reduces tendencies for group-think, fosters creativity, and enhances corporate empathy.

DEI enhances the workplace and our collective experience of being in it: An environment that promotes DEI is one that is rewarding to be a part of. It offers the ongoing challenges and joys of the mix of perspectives and cultures, and increases the pride inherent in being part of an exemplary organization.

DEI benefits individuals: It provides some who might not have previously had a seat at the table with the opportunity to share the meal and add to it. It provides all with an ongoing process of learning and growth and the broadening of experience. There is much to be gained from DEI, including a lifelong expansion of comfort zones. DEI serves as an antidote to the entrenchment of thought, belief, and behavior.

We agree to continually be aware of our own diversity, equity and inclusion – and to measure and improve the same as we grow as individuals and together as a company.