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Business Intelligence Consultant (Power BI)


The Challenge

Are you one of those rare individuals who truly understands business needs and how to solve them with technology? Do you love the idea of taking data, turning it into compelling visualizations, and using the resulting insights to absolutely transform the trajectory of a business? Are you passionate about doing some really cool work with cutting-edge BI tools, but equally passionate about finding a client-facing role where you can actually see the impact of that technology on a business? 

If all this sounds incredibly interesting and you’re undaunted by the prospect of rolling up your sleeves and doing a lot of hard but exciting work, let’s talk…


The Opportunity

We are a rapidly growing software company in the midst of a critical investment in expanding our BI capabilities, both from a product and a services perspective. Our software is used by professional services organizations such as management consultancies, digital marketing agencies, systems integration firms, and other project-based organizations all over the world to manage their delivery operations. This can be everything from planning projects, managing staffing levels, and tracking time and expenses to invoicing clients, recognizing revenue, and monitoring the health of the organization. 

Our BI offering is the connective tissue that pulls together the data from all the different parts of the organization into a single unified source of truth. It is this visibility that allows Projector’s clients to outperform their peers who are using other Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools. That visibility ranges from micro-level views of the status of individual projects to macro-level rollups that indicate the health of the entire organization. 

Projector BI is built on top of Microsoft’s Power BI platform. It leverages Power BI’s data modeling and transformation, data visualization, and interactive filtering capabilities and also incorporates AI in the form of natural language processing and machine learning. As a BI Consultant, you would utilize your expertise in Power BI, data modeling, and data visualization to build compelling reports and dashboards for our clients, for our product, and to run our own business internally. You would also have the opportunity to become an expert in the key metrics used by world-class professional services firms to run their businesses and apply this expertise to our own product and services offerings. 


The Requirements

  • Excellent data analysis, modeling, and visualization skills
  • Ability to derive business insights from large datasets
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills 
  • Excellent stage presence in front of customers
  • Proven ability to work in a detail-oriented and self-motivated manner
  • Exceptional creative problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to prioritize and drive multiple efforts simultaneously in a fluid environment
  • Prior experience with, or ability to quickly learn:
    • Operational and financial metrics used by professional services firms
    • Principles of general and project accounting
    • Best practices in project and operational management
  • BS or MS in engineering, math, computer science, business, economics, or similar disciplines
  • 2+ years’ experience in professional services, software, or high-tech environments
  • Candidates without the credentials and years of experience but who are total ninjas with data are also very much encouraged to apply   

The Company

Projector PSA develops a leading SaaS-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) suite that helps services firms efficiently manage their operations. Projector supports those organizations by helping them track time and expenses, invoice their clients, schedule their resources, and manage their projects. 

Founded in 2003, we are growing rapidly, and our success is largely due to a tightly knit team of people that share the ability and the passion to contribute to many facets of the business. We are still a small company, but one with an established, enthusiastic user base and a stable, proven business model. Because of this, we are in a unique position of having an entrepreneurial culture and a flat organizational structure, but in an environment largely devoid of start-up risk. 


The Process

If you’re intrigued by all of this, let us know at But, don’t just send us your resume and your generic “consider me” cover letter that you blast out in bulk. Tell us why you think you’d be a good fit. Let us know what intrigues you about the opportunity. Tell us what scares you. Ask a question or two. Stand out from the crowd.

We’re looking to fill a special role with a special person here, so applications that are part of an indiscriminate carpet-bombing campaign won’t be terribly successful. Stand out by demonstrating you have some understanding of what we’re looking for and how you can help. Oh, and do us a favor and let us know how you found us.

Looking forward to talking with you…


Steve Chong
Chief Operating Officer

Projector PSA, Inc.
98 N Washington Street, Suite 410
Boston, MA  02114