PPSA Job Listing

Customer Success Advocate


The Challenge

Are you someone who truly finds it rewarding to see your clients succeed when they begin to fully understand and utilize your products and services? Do you have that drive to understand every nook and cranny of a complex software system? Are you able to take that knowledge and translate it into approaches that have a bottom-line impact on how a business performs? Do you enjoy owning and growing client relationships by understanding clients’ businesses and providing them with direction at both a strategic and an implementation level?

If all this sounds incredibly interesting and you’re undaunted by the prospect of rolling up your sleeves and doing a lot of hard but exciting work, let’s talk…

The Opportunity

We are a rapidly growing software company in the midst of expanding our customer success capabilities. Our software is used by professional services organizations such as management consultancies, digital marketing agencies, systems integration firms, and other project-based organizations all over the world to manage their delivery operations. This can be everything from planning projects, managing staffing levels, and tracking time and expenses to invoicing clients, recognizing revenue, and monitoring the health of the organization.

Many software companies grow by selling new licenses. Because our business is based on a recurring subscription model, we can only grow by selling to new customers and retaining existing ones. Our customer success team is absolutely critical especially to customer retention as they are the front line at:

  • Becoming an expert on all aspects of using our product
  • Providing first-line product support to our user base
  • Helping to channel feedback from users to our product management team and back
  • Managing relationships with our clients and understanding how they are utilizing our product
  • Identifying and evangelizing opportunities for our clients to learn about and leverage more of our product
  • Building assets such as tutorials and webinars that customers can use to get more value out of our product

We take a slightly different approach to our product support and customer success activities by asking our team to thoroughly understand our product at both a functional and a business level. We find that that investment pays off in the rabidly enthusiastic reviews our teams get from our client base. We also find that it makes our roles much more interesting for our employees as it helps to feed that passion, that spark of electricity that comes from seeing how our software can transform a client’s business.

The Requirements

  • Proven ability to learn complex systems and concepts with little hand-holding
  • Prior experience with, or ability to quickly learn:
    • Operational and financial metrics used by professional services firms
    • Principles of general and project accounting
    • Best practices in project and operational management
  • Excellent client relationship management skills
  • Excellent business communication and persuasive communication skills
  • Proven ability to work in a detail-oriented and self-motivated manner
  • Strong problem solving and mathematically oriented analytical skills
  • Experience working with PSA solutions and professional services teams preferred
  • BS in engineering, math, computer science, or business
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in professional services, software, or high-tech environments
  • Ability to work out of our Boston office full time

The Company

Projector PSA is a company that develops a leading SaaS-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) suite that helps services firms efficiently manage their operations. Projector supports those organizations by helping them track time and expenses, invoice their clients, schedule their resources, and manage their projects.

Founded in 2003, we are growing rapidly, and our success is largely due to a small and tightly knit team of people that share the ability and the passion to contribute to many facets of the business. We are a profitable company with an established, enthusiastic user base and a stable, proven business model.

The Process

If you’re intrigued by all of this, let us know at jobs@projectorpsa.com. But, don’t just send us your resume and your generic “consider me” cover letter that you blast out in bulk. Tell us why you think you’d be a good fit. Let us know what intrigues you about the opportunity. Tell us what scares you. Ask a question or two. Stand out from the crowd.

We’re looking to fill a special role with a special person here, so applications that are part of an indiscriminate carpet-bombing campaign won’t be terribly successful. Stand out by demonstrating you have some understanding of what we’re looking for and how you can help. Oh, and do us a favor and let us know how you found us.

Looking forward to talking with you…