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Built by services executives as a solution to their own pain points, Projector’s Smart Professional Services Automation (PSA) software takes a unique approach to helping your organization drive sustainable growth. The foundation of our service philosophy, supported by premier industry research, is that, that growth is achieved only when balance is achieved across three key metrics: delivery, utilization, and project profitability.

Delivery, utilization, and project profitability are core components of any service organization, but are too commonly addressed in isolation. Service teams that can effectively integrate these metrics will outperform competitors and enjoy the rewards of scalable growth.

Projector’s framework was designed to provide services organizations with contextualized insights, operational discipline, and meaningful balance.

Managing professional services organizations


Delivery success is achieved when exceptional work is delivered on time and on budget. Services teams are tasked with delivering high-quality and valuable work to their clients—on time and under budget. The ability to succeed in these areas helps services organizations earn a high level of customer satisfaction, which aids in winning future business.


Resource utilization refers to making the most efficient use of an organization’s most valuable asset: its people. It shows the percentage of time that employees spend on revenue-generating activities, and it correlates with the extreme perishability of a services team’s key product: time.


Project profitability focuses on the ratio between the cost of delivering a project and the revenue it generates. This metric shows a services team’s ability to deliver work on a profitable basis, which allows an organization to invest in internal assets such as infrastructure, methodology and staff development to help it gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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Collected from SPI Research’s annual Professional Services Benchmark

Projector’s Quantifiable Results

When compared to service organizations using other PSA solutions, firms running on Projector just perform better.

Projector PSA Software Functionality

Projector’s four distinct but integrated modules map directly to our framework, with Project Management ensuring delivery success, Resource Scheduling driving high utilization, Project Accounting resulting in profitable projects, and Advanced Analytics providing the visibility to drive growth. It is by allowing these modules to work in concert that Projector enables the balanced optimization essential for sustainable growth.

Project Accounting

Projector’s Project Accounting module helps you track the time and expenses you’ve invested to date to deliver your projects, thus maximizing project profitability. It manages the process of invoicing your clients to ensure you bill them for every hour invested and every dollar disbursed on their behalf, eliminating revenue leakage. Finally, Projector can act as the project accounting sub-ledger for your general ledger, seamlessly sending transactions to your accounting system to always keep it in sync.

Resource Scheduling

Projector’s Resource Scheduling capabilities help you to efficiently match the perfect person to the right project, ensuring you’re utilizing your team as efficiently as possible. It lets project managers select resources based on skill sets, certifications, physical locations, and required hours. It also gives resource managers the ability to match up resource needs with staff availability, and make strategic tradeoffs amongst potentially competing needs. The Resource Scheduling module is central to maximizing utilization and also is the foundation of accurate revenue and profitability projections.

Project Management

Projector’s Project Management features give you the power to plan, track, and execute projects at a detailed level. It provides a simpler alternative to Microsoft Project—or integrates directly with Microsoft Project if desired—and allows project managers to assign tasks and track project health at a detailed level. It also provides project workspaces to encourage communication and collaboration within your teams and with your clients, all in the service of ensuring the on-time, under-budget delivery of exceptional work.

Advanced Analytics

Projector’s Advanced Analytics module transforms your organization’s data into beautiful and easy-to-understand visualizations. These dashboards provide your executives, delivery teams, and clients the information they need in a glance. Having all of your business data aggregated together in Projector’s advanced analytics module makes it much easier for you to make important decisions to drive sustainable growth.

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