The Projector connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, formerly Dynamics CRM, brings sales and delivery teams together by connecting the entire lifecycle of a project—from initial conversations with a prospect, proposal, and pitch stages to planning, delivery, and final invoicing. By better aligning sales, operations, and finance, Microsoft CRM and Projector’s professional services automation suite delivers a single, unified view of the organization. This integrated view provides professional services firms a competitive advantage by giving them the ability to react faster to changes in market trends, organizational performance, and resource availability.

Better still, we believe that businesses should have the freedom to select the best software for their teams based on how their organization operates. That’s why Projector integrates freely with nearly any business application, ensuring each team is able to achieve the efficiency, visibility, and control they need to get the job done. We simplify this process by delivering pre-built connectors to popular tools, like Dynamics 365 for Sales, to allow you to focus less on building and maintaining technology and more on running a world-class professional services practice. The days of feeling trapped in a particular platform or technical ecosystem are over.

Projector’s strength is that it takes general-purpose applications like Dynamics CRM and adds to it capabilities specifically tuned for the professional services industry, such as Advanced AnalyticsProject AccountingResource Scheduling and Project Management. With these modules, together Dynamics 365 for Sales and Projector can help:

  • Seamlessly integrate the pre-sales and project delivery lifecycles.
  • Provide a single picture of pipeline, committed, and historical revenue and performance.
  • Maintain an integrated, real-time picture of project health useful for account management discussions.
  • Provide a competitive advantage by clearly tracking the investment required to win and deliver projects.

“What does ‘integration with Dynamics CRM’ mean?”

The Dynamics 365 for Sales connector is a pre-built, configurable, automatic integration that allows the two systems to work together effortlessly. Taking this apart, pre-built means that you don’t have to get technical development resources involved to build, test, and maintain a custom integration. Configurable means that the integration is flexible enough to model your data, your business, your workflows, and your project lifecycles. Finally, automatic means that the integration runs without the need for any manual intervention…just set it and forget it.

The connector ensures that account, opportunity, and pipeline data effortlessly flow from Microsoft CRM into Projector's PSA software using the mappings and business rules that you define. For instance, in the early stages of an opportunity, you may just want to pull a high-level revenue projection into Projector to model lower probability pipeline revenue. As you get closer to winning the project, the connector can automatically route it to a project manager to begin putting together bottom-up project and staffing plans to validate delivery feasibility. Finally, once won, the connector can formally transfer control of the project from Dynamics CRM to Projector to manage the delivery, tracking, performance monitoring, invoicing, and close-out of the effort.

How it Works

Our team will work with you to understand how you model your pre-sales lifecycle in Dynamics CRM and how you would want to model your delivery lifecycle in Projector. They would then customize the field mappings, triggers, and business rules and turn them into a simple configuration script that tells the connector how it is to behave.

After that, the integration runs automatically, pulling accounts, opportunities, and projections from MS CRM and creating parallel structures in Projector. After that happens, you can access all of your data in Projector for resource projections and scheduling, time and expense tracking, detailed project management, and reporting.

With the Dynamics 365 for Sales to Projector interface, you can seamlessly manage a project through its entire lifecycle from prospecting to delivery. Starting from high-level estimates in Microsoft CRM, you can progress seamlessly through to detailed, bottom-up project plans in Projector. Projector gives you the tools you need to prepare for the projects in your pipeline, and to deliver the great work that keeps your business growing and your clients happy.