If you’re like most professional services firms, you invest a lot of time in building out plans in Microsoft Project. Why not get more out of them? Projector’s connector for Microsoft Project can help you leverage all the data in your plans so you can effortlessly integrate your project management, time tracking, and resource scheduling in one, powerful system.

Once your project managers map out all the individual tasks and resources required to complete a complex effort in Microsoft Project, Projector’s Project Management module can help you manage, track, and deliver it successfully. The Project Management module is one of four modules that make up Projector’s professional services automation software. Seamless integration with the other three, Advanced Analytics, Project Accounting and Resource Scheduling, is what makes Projector different from standalone tools.

With a few clicks of your mouse, our bi-directional Microsoft Project connector lets you share your project plans with Projector so that you can:

  • Identify the right staff for each project, and assign tasks to team members.
  • Gather information from team members on ongoing task status and completion.
  • Manage time and expenses invested to deliver a project.
  • Measure performance to schedule, to budget, and via earned value metrics.
  • Invoice clients and recognize revenue separately from billings.
  • Monitor the health of all projects in your portfolio through comprehensive performance analytics.
“Are we done yet?”

Using Projector, you can combine the best capabilities of both products. Microsoft Project gives you more powerful planning, display, and printing capabilities. Projector extends these features with resource scheduling and time tracking, automates the collection of task and completion status, and provides valuable analytics that give insight into your overall progress and profitability.

Our Microsoft Project connector allows you to:

  • Upload Microsoft Project files into Projector as detailed task plans.
  • Preserve task hierarchies, dependencies, efforts, durations, and start and end dates.
  • Automatically request or assign resources to projects and tasks to resources.
  • Download task plans, including actual and remaining hours and percent complete data from Projector into Microsoft Project.
How It Works

You’ll be glad to hear that Projector’s Microsoft Project connector requires no custom programming, complex configuration, or flaky plug-ins.

To import a plan, you just click a button to upload it, and we take care of the rest. Once it’s on our server, you can easily translate your plan into staffing requirements for your resource managers to approve, task assignments for your team to execute, and baselines to track performance against.

After your project is underway and your team is logging hours against the plan, you can download that data with a single click, and merge it with an existing Microsoft Project template file to preserve your preferences. When your file is back in Project, you can perform additional analysis, print it, or email the plan to communicate status to project teams and clients.

Together, Projector and Microsoft Project provide a robust, end-to-end project management solution. Our pre-built connector gets you up and running quickly, leveraging the data already in your Microsoft Project plans. With it, you can integrate your project management, time tracking, and resource scheduling into one, powerful system — as well as gain valuable insight into your productivity and profitability.