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Projector Project Accounting Software

A full-featured subledger that complements premier accounting tools

Projector’s Project Accounting application manages revenue recognition, expenses, unbilled balances, and other project-related financials, eliminating the need to maintain multiple complex spreadsheets that inhibit professional services organizations’ back office productivity.

The Project Accounting tool can be leveraged as a standalone product, or integrated with Projector’s other modules; all tools share a common data set, providing users with a single integrated, real-time source for the answers to questions about organization performance and forecasting.

The Project Accounting module enables professional services finance leaders to:

  • Capture and bill for every hour worked and every dollar spent
  • Identify projects headed for trouble before it’s too late
  • Invoice more frequently and get paid for your work faster
  • Improve your ability to estimate new projects accurately
  • Track profitability on fixed price projects as easily as on time and materials projects
  • Track client, project, and employee profitability

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An Agile Project Accounting Solution

Projector easily covers the basics of time and expense tracking, and offers many more advanced features for budgeting, tracking, and invoicing. Informed by extensive experience modeling financial operations for professional services teams, the software strikes the right balance between simplicity and sophistication. Functionality can easily scale upward from a basic management module, to handling the complexities of multi-national, multi-currency, multi-company accounting with ease.

Streamlined Time and Expense Reporting

Projector removes tedious time tracking activities by enabling users to enter their time into an intuitive, configurable interface on the Web or via their smartphone or tablet. This simplicity extends to expense reporting, as Project provides out-of-the-box full multi-currency reporting, VAT management, credit card upload, and the ability to attach images of receipts.

Finance teams further benefit from Projector through the ability to customize time and expense approval workflows, automate email requests for missing timesheets, and trigger notifications for pending review and approval.

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Powerful Insight into Project Budgets

Projector’s project accounting system tracks project completion status and budget burn rate in real time. Service leaders also benefit from the ability to set up automated email and online alerts that warn you when projects are at risk of going over budget or becoming unprofitable. These feature sets facilitate stronger internal accountability and provide actionable insight into budget optimization strategies for all project types.

Seamless Accounting Integration

Projector reduces the burden on the general ledger, even extending the life of a simpler accounting system like QuickBooks, by working in concert with these applications. The accounting system provides the overall profitability, and Projector maintains the details of performance at a client, project, activity, and resource level. By managing all this project-level detail, Projector integrates with financial packages such as Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetSuite, and Intacct as well as smaller accounting systems like QuickBooks and Sage 50. Organizations that have grown by acquisition can map to multiple charts of accounts.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP, Intacct, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Online integrations use pre-built connectors that require on-screen configuration. Other integrations use Projector’s web services, and can be built by our development team or yours.