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Projector Project Management Software

Optimize Project Planning and Delivery Strategies

Projector’s Project Management Software features an Accounting module that manages revenue recognition, expenses, unbilled balances, and other project-related financials, eliminating the need to maintain multiple complex spreadsheets that inhibit back office productivity.

The Project Accounting tool can be leveraged as a standalone product, or integrated with Projector’s other modules; all tools share a common data set, providing users with a single integrated, real-time source for the answers to questions about organization performance and forecasting.

The Project Management Software Accounting module enables professional services finance leaders to:

  • Capture and bill for every hour worked and every dollar spent
  • Identify projects headed for trouble before it’s too late
  • Invoice more frequently and get paid for your work faster
  • Improve your ability to estimate new projects accurately
  • Track profitability on fixed price projects as easily as on time and materials projects
  • Track client, project, and employee profitability

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Incorporate Critical Details into the Big Picture

Projector’s Project Management Software system provides an advanced, closed-loop system for managing complex projects, yet also handles simpler projects with elegance and ease. By combining all the time, task, and budget details into user-friendly reports, Projector gives you the big-picture answers you need to run efficient, profitable projects. Since Projector is a modular platform, organizations can initially leverage only with task planning and tracking, and scale software functionality to advanced budgeting and virtual workspaces as needed.

Advanced Task Planning and Tracking

Projector creates bottom-up hierarchical project plans that describe individual tasks, the resources assigned to them, timelines, and deadlines. Tasks created in Projector can be modeled using complex dependencies with leads, lags, and the relevant assigned staff, facilitating full accountability throughout the project workflow.  

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Project managers are also released from unnecessary busywork by automating timesheet and task status collection. Projector uses this information to help service leaders quickly assess the state of entire projects based on measures such as performance to budget and schedule, or using earned value metrics. This collection of data also provides a rich resource of intellectual capital for making informed decisions around future projects.

Agile Budget Management

Professional services project managers can choose how to track performance of projects to budget. Options range from from a simple summary of hours to a more complex revenue budget, time-phased by week, and broken down by activity. They can track performance based on burn rates or cumulative spend, budget consumed to date, or projected performance at completion.

Projector’s Project Management system empowers project leaders to clearly identify the difference between being under budget versus behind schedule, by monitoring ongoing spend in real time, and also the value provided through that spend.

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Projector also let users define budget thresholds that will trigger automatic email alerts to warn when projects risk going over budget. These answers give you the opportunity can adapt their budget allocations before they become a significant operational issue.

Online Project Management Workspaces

The Project Management tool provides delivery teams and clients secure access to web-based project collaboration areas. These project workspaces offer keyword search, version control, issues tracking, and many more features to help teams share documents and other mission-critical information.