Projector Overview Walkthroughs

We found that one of the best ways to give you a sense of what it’s like to work with Projector is to just show you. We’ve included a handful of “Walkthroughs” to quickly give you an overview of Projector.

If you like what you see, we have more detailed Walkthroughs available—as well as plenty of other ways to help you learn more.

In Practice

Projector the application is split into two pieces: a browser-based interface called Projector Web and an installed app called the Management Portal. The vast majority of your team will only need to use Projector Web. The folks who will use the Management Portal will be people who are taking advantage of the more powerful aspects of Projector, such as project managers, finance types, and schedulers.

Either way, all the information managed in both Projector Web and the Management Portal is stored in the cloud, so everyone is looking at the same set of data. Plus, the Management Portal knows how to take care of itself—it automatically keeps itself up to date without your needing to do anything.

Whether you’re using Projector Web or the Management Portal, help is just a click away. Clicking on the ? icon in Projector Web or hitting the F1 key in the Management Portal will bring you to the most relevant help page. Or, if you get stuck, you can always Google it.

Most organizations don’t talk a lot about their documentation, mostly because it’s often just an afterthought. Our clients love our documentation, largely because our guy who writes our help pages, Tom, loves writing documentation. And it shows.

At Projector, we believe that the service we provide is just as important as the application itself. To that end, we’ve gone way beyond just documentation. The Projector e3 program was designed to help educate, engage, and empower our users and is intended to help you get as much value out of Projector as you possibly can.

Keep abreast of new content in the What’s New feed, browse through content by topic and by format, or search on topics you’re interested in learning more about. Sign up for our next webinar or participate in a product design-related focus group.

If you’re wondering where to get started with all the educational content on e3, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Playlists, which are lists of key content that we’ve curated just for you…or at least someone in your role.

Role-based playlists are also great for incorporating into the ramp-up process for new hires.

Speaking of ramping up, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through a Walkthrough. Turns out you’re already familiar with these as you’re currently walking through a Walkthrough.

Part of the Projector e3 program, Walkthroughs are an easy way to get a quick sense of the basics of Projector. Each topic has an In Practice section with an interactive video that shows you how to work in the app. We’ve also included an In Principle section for those of you who want to dive deeper as well as an In Context section if you who want to understand the implications for your organization.

Whether you’re a prospective client trying to figure out if Projector is right for you, or an existing user looking to make better use of the app, let us know what you think.

All of the Walkthrough pages’ In Context sections have plenty of ways to connect with the Projector team.

Finally, if you want to keep an eye out for new content that we’re publishing in e3, keep an eye on the Headlines feed on your Home page.

Also, if you’d like to receive an email each time we announce a new e3 event such as a webinar, make sure to enable your notification preferences in the My Profile page.

There's nothing wrong with your speakers. We designed these videos without sound so that they're easier to skim.
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