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Read the e-book and you’ll learn:

Professional services automation (PSA) software explained and what it does 

Which organizations benefit from a PSA system and how it can improve the functions of every department  

Why you should implement a PSA tool to improve your operational efficiency 

Where a PSA tool fits into your tech stack 

How to determine the top PSA software for your organization 

What to consider when choosing a PSA vendor 

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Smart Professional Services Automation Software

About Projector PSA

Projector PSA was founded by Professional Services veterans seeking a better solution to managing their business. By automating the data within Finance, Project Management and Resource Management, Projector’s PSA application creates a better model for operational efficiency and visibility within Professional Services Organizations.  Drive more efficient project delivery, higher billable utilization, reduced time to invoice and invoicing errors, better project profitability and get visibility into the entire delivery organization. 

Customers rate their satisfaction with Projector at
4.72 out of 5, the highest among all PSA solutions.

Professional Services Automation e-book