integrationlayerCombine Projector PSA with the accounting, CRM, and project management applications your organization already uses to make one, seamless system.

One of the three foundational layers of Projector PSA, the integration layer, liberates your data and gives you the freedom to access it the way you want – so you can get the answers you need, where you need them.

All of Projector PSA’s four modules, Project Accounting, Resource Scheduling, Project Management, and Advanced Analytics contain a “slice” of the integration layer that lets you share data with other systems. We intentionally built Projector PSA on an open architecture that provides a set of pre-built connectors and web services to help you do this.

Pre-built connectors don’t require custom development or product customizations. If you need to integrate with an application for which we haven’t already built a connector, Projector PSA’s web services will do the trick.

Liberate Your Data

The integration layer connects multiple business systems so you can:

  • Free your data to move among all your applications so you’re never locked into using outdated technology
  • Extend the life of legacy systems
  • Consolidate key reports in a single system, whether it be Projector PSA or another application you choose
  • Synchronize multiple systems faster with automated feeds
  • Improve accuracy by eliminating manual errors
  • Stop wasting time re-typing the same data into more than one place

A System that Plays Well with Others

While you can use Projector PSA as a standalone application, its integration layer helps you harness the power and efficiency of linking multiple business management applications into one, seamless system.

Microsoft Dynamics for Projector PSA Software

Microsoft Dynamics GP Pre-Built Connector

Our Microsoft Dynamics GP connector sends accounting transactions resulting from activities in Projector PSA into Dynamics GP, creating corresponding journal entries, receivables, and payables. Using Dynamics GP’s eConnect technology, Projector PSA can electronically transmit financials to Dynamics GP in one click.

Sage Intacct for Projector PSA Software

Sage Intacct Pre-Built Connector

Our Sage Intacct connector allows your services firm to use two best-in-class solutions side by side. As your delivery teams perform work the corresponding accounting transactions can be seamlessly transferred from Projector PSA into Sage Intacct, where your finance team can then take over. By using Projector PSA in concert with Sage Intacct you ensure that each team has the right tool for their job.

QuickBooks for Projector PSA Software

QuickBooks Pre-Built Connector

When you complete accounting-related activities in Projector PSA, the QuickBooks connector electronically creates summary-level general ledger transactions, invoices, and bills in QuickBooks. From QuickBooks, you can continue to manage your A/R aging and cash application as well as your A/P aging and disbursement.

In addition to financial transactions, you can also import, export, and synchronize Projector PSA clients and resources with QuickBooks customers and vendors.

Salesforce for Projector PSA Software Pre-Built Connector

Using data, Projector PSA shows you consolidated views of booked and pipeline business so that you can start planning for upcoming projects and begin capturing time and expenses right away.

When you automatically import your accounts and opportunities with the connector, you define how and when information is imported.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales for Projector PSA Software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
Pre-Built Connector

Our Dynamics 365 for Sales connector ensures that sales and delivery teams are always on the same page. Seamlessly transfer opportunity information into Projector PSA at exactly the right time to commit the right resources and get a consolidated view of the organization’s backlog.

Because every organization has a unique sales process, you choose exactly what information to pass along and the events that trigger each import.

Microsoft Project for Projector PSA Software

Microsoft Project Pre-Built Connector

If you prefer, you can use Microsoft Project to plan your projects, and import the plans into Projector PSA, automatically creating roles and tasks, and allocating resources. Our Microsoft Project connector preserves durations, efforts, start and end dates, resource assignments, and dependencies.

You can also export Projector PSA task plans, actuals, and percent complete data to Microsoft Project to facilitate printing, distribution, and archiving.


Web Services

Projector PSA’s robust web services give you the ability to integrate applications in the cloud. Our API provides a platform-agnostic method to import, export, or update almost all of Projector PSA’s data over typical web communication protocols, without requiring direct database access. Our clients often use Web Services to tie Projector PSA into existing systems, whether commercially sourced or custom-built. We have worked with our clients to build bridges to products as diverse as SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Infinium, Thomson Elite, Concur, AvaTax, Sugar CRM, Jira, and Crystal Reports, as well as to a myriad of custom, proprietary applications.

Web services can also be used to easily bulk-load data into Projector PSA when cutting over from another product. This API ensures that your imported and updated data adheres to appropriate business and data validation rules.