visibiltylayerQuickly see your organization’s key metrics in real-time.

The visibility layer is one of Projector’s three foundational layers that provide core functionality to the Project Accounting, Resource Scheduling and Project Management modules.

Projector gives you the answers you need to make informed business decisions based on facts, not assumptions. No matter which module or modules you use, the visibility layer provides reports, automated email alerts, and online dashboards that show the current state of your business as well as keep historical information that you can access at any time.

Turn Information into Insight

With Projector’s visibility layer you can:

  • Trust your data, and use it to drive business decisions
  • Gain instant visibility into the operational and financial health of your organization
  • Display exactly the data you want in reports and dashboards by customizing them on the fly
  • Measure performance accurately with built-in, best-practice metrics

The Forest and the Trees

Projector’s performance dashboards let you keep an eye on how the business is doing overall and provide visibility into all those little, but important details. Our powerful reporting engine gives you tools to mine your data to for the business intelligence that can provide transformative insight.

Performance Dashboards

Projector’s advanced analytics capabilities take advantage of modern business intelligence technology to deliver visually rich, customizable, organization-wide performance dashboards. Whether they’re at the airport on a tablet or at a board meeting with a laptop, your executive team will have direct access to the performance indicators they care about most, all in one easily understood web-based view.

Spend less time compiling data and more time acting on it. Want a consolidated view of your pipeline from, staffing levels from Projector, and performance to revenue targets from your strategic plan? Projector’s advanced analytics can do that… and more.

Operational Dashboards

Projector also provides more detailed, operational dashboards that give your delivery team an at-a-glance summary of the two things they worry about most: their people and their projects. Projector’s project dashboard shows the overall health of projects and the key performance indicators that are meaningful to you. The resourcing dashboard illustrates who’s working on what and when, helping you to balance the supply and demand of your most critical resource: your people.

Projector’s pre-defined dashboards give you visibility right away. Over time, you can customize them to suit your individual needs, selecting the metrics that are most relevant to you.

Robust Reporting

Projector’s reporting module is a powerful analytical engine that lets you design and create reports in Excel pivot tables, allowing you to perform ad-hoc analyses on the data without requiring an advanced degree in analytics.

Use one of our 50 pre-defined reports, tailor those reports to fit your specific needs, or easily design your own with Projector’s report wizard.

Projector makes sharing your numbers simple and automatic. Schedule reports to run at pre-determined times and have them sent to yourself or distributed to a group via e-mail.

Automated Email Alerts

Projector’s proactive alerts and emails help everyone organize their action items, even while they’re away from their desks.

Automated emails can alert the right people when projects threaten to get off track or when they need to take action. You can pre-configure time or expense budget thresholds that trigger alerts, send reminders to team members to submit their timesheets, or to notify people at key steps in a workflow such as when expense reports need to be approved.