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Resource Scheduling Software

An All-In-One Solution for Resource Utilization and Revenue Forecasting

Projector’s resource scheduling software, informed by extensive expertise within the professional services space, is able to provide the most detailed, industry-specific capabilities among best-of-breed solutions.

The application modules can perform dynamic revenue allocation among projects, develop complex scheduling models, and manage utilization at a much deeper and more granular time frame than other PSA platforms. Projector users also benefit from dedicated, knowledgeable support staff that can provide fast, actionable responses to the complicated technology challenges posed by professional services operations.

Professional services teams can seamlessly leverage the Resource Scheduling system with the Project Accounting, Project Management, and Advanced Analytics modules within Projector’s full suite of modules.

Intuitive Resource Booking for Matching People and Projects

Spikes in project volume, unexpected delivery challenges, and shifting client expectations can stifle services teams’ ability to deliver optimal projects for their stakeholders. The Resource Scheduling tool is designed to ensure all personnel are effectively contributing their unique skill sets and adeptly solving the fluid challenges faced by teams every day.

These resource management features can help service organizations address these key operational objectives:

Resource Scheduling Software

  • Start projects faster
  • Model staffing needs with precision
  • Optimize resource utilization by more efficiently matching supply and demand
  • Increase employee morale and retention by taking skills, preferences, and professional development needs into account when making resource assignments
  • Gain visibility into future hiring, certification, and skill development needs
  • Provide thorough recurring reporting and recommendations regarding existing resource capacity to key stakeholders across an organization.
  • Identify profitability opportunities by freezing resources at certain timeframes and reviewing past utilization.

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Maximize Your Team's Potential and Agility

The “best of the best” professional services organizations adapt quickly to new client challenges and shifts in internal priorities, and Projector seamlessly facilitates a flexible response to shifting needs. Project managers can search for resources by skills, location, title, or other criteria, as well as by keyword within resumes on file. They can also model staffing needs with precision, down to hours on specific days at the most granular setting.

Additional Resource Management features include:

  • Identifying potential candidates matched by acceptability, capacity, and availability.
  • Automated workflow emails and online alerts that keep project managers, schedulers, and team members informed about requests and schedule changes.
  • Discovering the staffing needs have yet to be met and the type of resources they require
  • Online resource dashboards provide managers with an intuitive “to-do list” of open resource requests that need to be addressed.

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Powerful Operational and Financial Forecasting

Powerful Operational and Financial Forecasting

Projector’s revenue forecasting tools empower service leaders to forecast their performance to budget at completion, instead of just performance to date. Robust modeling features and intuitive reporting provide service leaders with an accurate picture of the metrics that need attention in order to reach high-level performance benchmarks.

Projector’s capabilities include:

  • Accurate real-time revenue forecasting across a variety of project types, including fixed price projects and projects that are currently in process.
  • Comprehensive pipeline tracking via direct entry or Salesforce connector
  • Detailed presentation for revenue, profitability, utilization, staffing needs, and forecast variance modeling.
  • Automated alerts if a project is on track to go over budget

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