Enterprise-Level Professional Services Automation: Solving the Unique Needs of Large Service Firms is a white paper authored by SPI Research that examines Professional Services Automation (PSA) software in the context of larger professional service organizations (PSOs). SPI Research starts by exploring some of the distinct challenges affecting larger PSOs and how PSA software can help alleviate those pain-points while enabling growth.

The paper then goes on to focus on Projector’s PSA solution and how larger organizations (more than 100 employees) using Projector performed significantly better than those using other PSA tools, including showing:

  • Higher billable utilization
  • Better project profitability
  • Stronger user satisfaction

To find out how Projector enables larger organizations to perform so well and why SPI says Projector should be included in every PSA selection process:

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This white paper is based on data collected during the Professional Services Benchmark Survey conducted by SPI Research. If you’d like to explore the full details of the survey results:

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