Transparency is the heart of trust.

Projector PSA acts as your services team's core operational system, managing the entire delivery process.
From project accounting & project management to resource scheduling & analytics,
Projector PSA delivers a single source of the truth.

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Real-world Results

Billable Utilization

compared to market average

Project Profitability

compared to market average

Revenue per Consultant

compared to market average


"Projector knows the
ins and outs
of a professional services business. It was clear from the beginning that this company had developed a tool that can handle any situation in the consulting business.

Bryan McGowan, Controller & Director of Operations

"Talk about results
Projector was key 
to driving a
16 percentage point
increase in billable utilization and a return on investment
of more than $9.8M"

David McKenney, SVP Customer Success

"Projector continually surprises me
with the
amount of thought that went into its design. Several times, we came up with needs we thought were obscure, only to find those features 
already built into the product.

Mavis Chin, EVP Delivery

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