Professional Services Automation Buyer’s Guide

This PSA Software Buyer’s Guide from SPI Research contains:

  • An overview of what a PSA solution is and how it fits within the landscape of other business systems generally used by services firms
  • A quantitative analysis of the impact a well-implemented PSA system can have on the performance of your firm
  • An unbiased breakdown of the major PSA solution providers and what differentiates each of them from the competition
  • A set of actionable strategies on how to approach the PSA software selection process and what criteria to consider

Over the past few years the professional services automation software market has gone through a dynamic transformation. Homegrown systems have been replaced by robust PSA solutions. Industry consolidation has identified the best-of-breed applications. And running a services business on spreadsheets and a whiteboard has become a vestige of a bygone era.

During each phase of the PSA software market’s evolution, SPI Research has been tracking, analyzing, and quantifying the effects professional services automation solutions have had on tens of thousands of services firms around the globe. In fact, it was SPI Research’s managing director and co-author of this buyer’s guide, David Hofferberth, who coined the term professional service automation back in 1999.
Based on SPI Research’s findings from over 15 years of analyzing the PSA software industry they have put together the ultimate professional services automation buyer’s guide.

Download the PSA Software Buyer’s Guide to the right to get a jump-start on your services automation evaluation process.

PSA Software Buyers Guide

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