If you need support now, please contact our product support team.

Our professional services and support teams are here to help you get the most out of Projector, no matter if you’re just getting set up or have been using the application for years.

It’s certainly not required, but many organizations find that engaging a dedicated implementation consultant to guide them through their initial configuration and rollout helps ensure a smooth process and a shorter learning curve. Some of our clients find it useful to reengage with our professional services group as their business needs change, to help drive the implementation of new features or to deliver follow-up training.

From day one of your engagement with Projector PSA, our product support team is ready to provide answers to any questions you have about day-to-day product operation.

Projector Program

Projector e3 is a program intended to educate, engage, and empower our users. Organized around a community, the e3 program supplements the other services we offer with a series of events. These webinars, discussions, presentations, and other educational opportunities are all designed to help our users learn more so that they can do more with Projector.

Professional Services

We offer optional professional services to help you get the most out of our product. We train our implementation consultants to understand your business’ needs, teach your staff, and help you get the greatest benefit from Projector. Our software development engineers assist with integrating Projector into your existing information technology infrastructure.

Product Support

Projector PSA provides product support with every subscription to ensure that any problems you encounter are resolved quickly. We train our product specialists to troubleshoot problems and answer questions about specific Projector functionality.