Projector Case Study

Making the Numbers Work. This Outsourced Accounting Consultancy Uses Projector to Delivery Visibility and Drive Business Success.

When finance is your your business, the numbers need to be right. Learn how accounting consultancy Signature Analytics uses Projector to:

Empower consultants to track their billable attainment against goal in real time

Enable roll-up reports from multiple offices for real-time  projections and reporting

Achieve visibility into future demand and staff capacity across the organization

Confidently grow the business by 30% in year 1

Signature Analytics CS
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Smart Professional Services Automation Software

About Projector PSA

Projector PSA was founded by Professional Services veterans seeking a better solution to managing their business. By automating the data within Finance, Project Management and Resource Management, Projector PSA creates a better model for operational efficiency and visibility within Professional Services Organizations.  Drive more efficient project delivery, higher billable utilization, reduced time to invoice and invoicing errors, better project profitability and get visibility into the entire delivery organization.

Customers rate their satisfaction with Projector at
4.72 out of 5, the highest among all PSA solutions.

Grow a Consultancy by 30% in 1 Year