By hosting its solution at NaviSite's flagship SAS 70 Type II certified data center, Projector is able to deliver the security, reliability, and performance that today's enterprise business users
- Sumeet Sabharwal, Senior Vice President of Global Delivery, NaviSite, Inc.


Hosting Infrastructure

Projector PSA ensures that your data is safe and secure by managing the entire server-side infrastructure. Our servers are managed by a world-class operations control center that monitors all aspects of the hosting facility through a comprehensive facility-management system.

Data Backup

We back up database logs to another server approximately every 15 minutes and continuously apply them in a parallel environment for validation and redundancy. They are also encrypted and shipped off-site several times each day to minimize data loss in the event of significant physical disaster. We perform full backups weekly during off-peak hours, encrypt them, and ship them offsite. Database log backups are suspended during this window, but Projector remains available. We back up the Projector software itself, including source code, offsite every day.

Access Control

User permissions help your company ensure that unauthorized users do not see sensitive information. We store user passwords on Projector's servers using a combination of a random salt string and a one-way cryptographic hash, making passwords unrecoverable even by Projector PSA staff members.

For even greater security, you can integrate Projector with your organization's existing authentication services, such as Active Directory and LDAP. This technique eliminates the need for separate password storage and maintenance in Projector. Users log in to Projector using the same username and password they use elsewhere within your organization.

Data Center

We house Projector's servers at NaviSite and TierPoint, enterprise-class (SSAE 16 certified) secure data centers that provide a generator capable of running the site at full load for a minimum of 24 hours. The facilities are equipped with fire, smoke, and high-temperature detectors as well as a fire suppression system. Multiple carriers provide each data center with multiple backbone routes to the Internet.

Our data centers also provide physical security that includes biometric palm scanners at all facility entrances, card access control at all interior and exterior doors, intrusion detection monitoring, and digital surveillance cameras with 30-day storage. Additionally, each center employs on-site security and operations staff around the clock, all year.

Trusted Partners

Your Projector subscription may include access to functionality maintained by a trusted partner, such as Projector's Advanced Analytics Module. In the event you opt to enable this functionality, we make the same contractual assurances for it as we do for every other part of Projector, including assurances regarding data privacy, availability, and durability. But implementation details may differ. For example, the Advanced Analytics Module is hosted in the United States on Amazon EC2, and data is backed up daily.


Projector is normally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. From time to time, we schedule maintenance periods for a few hours on weekends, generally to release new versions of Projector and to upgrade our infrastructure. Our high-availability server-side infrastructure has allowed us to maintain uptime rates at world-class levels well above 99.97% outside these maintenance windows.

Liberate Your Data

Projector was designed to fulfill the promise of next-generation enterprise software by delivering:

  • The ease of use expected by users familiar with modern business applications
  • The power, speed, and responsiveness expected by people accustomed to using desktop software
  • The no-deployment, no-maintenance nature of a cloud-based, SaaS application
  • The enterprise-level security and stability required for business-critical applications
  • The scalability required to support present and future needs

Client-Side Technology

Projector is a cloud-based, hosted solution with two interfaces, each tailored to the needs of different users. The browser-based Projector Web provides time entry, expense entry, project workspaces, and work schedules to your delivery and management teams. It supports all of the major browsers on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. We even have dedicated web applications for mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android devices to provide access to time entry while employees are on the go.

The Windows Smart Client-based Management Portal provides advanced functions such as scheduling, resource management, project management, invoicing, and reporting to your management team. The Management Portal gives your organization the simplicity of web-based access to data combined with the speed and richness of desktop software. Because it's a self-installing, self-maintaining interface, each time you use the Management Portal, the Smart Client always ensures you're constantly up to date with the latest features.

System Requirements

Since Projector lives in the cloud and is delivered on a hosted, SaaS basis, most organizations already have the client-side software required to run the application. This includes:

  • Current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to access Projector Web on Windows, Macintosh, or Linux operating systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (or compatible Windows emulators on the Macintosh) with .NET framework 4.0 to run the Management Portal
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 (PC) or Excel 2011 (Mac) or later to access Projector reports

If you're looking to integrate Projector with the other applications, Projector is designed and tested with the following software products:

  • Microsoft Project 2003 or later
  • QuickBooks Desktop Editions (US 2007+, UK 2008+, or Canada 2008+), or QuickBooks Online Edition
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP version 9.0 or later with eConnect
  • Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited editions

Server-Side Technology

Projector is a hosted, multi-tenant professional services automation suite. The scalable server-side environment is built on an industrial-grade SQL Server back end and a C# .NET application server tier, all integrated into a secure networking environment.

We manage our server environments with VMware virtualization software for on-the-fly load balancing, automatic failover, and infrastructure scaling. Our redundant configuration of servers, disk arrays, and networking hardware is designed to avoid single points of failure.

Projector is based on an open architecture with direct access to data provided via a web services API. These web services can be used to export or import Projector data, to bulk-load data, or to keep Projector synchronized with external systems. All communication outside the Projector server environment, whether it be to Projector's user interfaces or to external systems via web services, is protected under 128-bit SSL encryption over standard HTTPS web protocols.

Self-Hosting Option

Projector offers an alternative to our cloud-based, SaaS solution: a self-hosted configuration. With this option, you still subscribe to the software, but run it on your own servers behind your own firewall. This provides the convenience of a SaaS software solution running on an infrastructure you control. We take care of installing, maintaining, monitoring, and updating application software while you maintain full control over your data at all times.

To get more information on the hardware and software needed to run Projector in the self-hosted configuration and for pricing of this option, please contact us.