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Professional Services Automation by Projector PSA

Projector is the leading best of breed Professional Services Automation software on the market.
As your consulting firm’s core operational system, our PSA solution helps your teams efficiently manage the entire delivery process. From initial planning, project management, and resource scheduling to time and expense tracking, budget management, and invoicing, Projector has consistently delivered bottom-line improvements for professional services firms across the globe.

Deliver Projects With Confidence, Power Remarkable Services Performance.
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Projector is a cloud-based Professional Services Automation solution. Built for project-based professional services organizations by professional services professionals.

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From world-class support and consulting services to unparalleled educational and community-building opportunities, Projector has you covered.

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Projector helps companies outperform their competitors that use other products. But, don’t just take our word for it…check out SPI Research’s Benchmark Survey.
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The ultimate expression of Projector’s success? Based on user satisfaction, Projector is the highest rated PSA tool on the market. Interested in what our users have to say?


Projector has the power to be the underlying operational system for your services firm. It manages all the aspects of delivering projects for your clients, including:

Best of all, Projector lives in the cloud. It’s delivered in a hosted, on-demand, Software as a Service (SaaS) model, so it works seamlessly with your existing business systems. Whether you’re looking for a pre-built connector into Salesforce, seeking to minimize disruption as you upgrade from QuickBooks to Intacct, or interfacing with a homegrown application through our open web services API, rest assured, Projector plays well with others.

Overall the best PSA tool on the market.Ed Nemes, Managing Director, AppCentrica
Time Tracking Software

Time Entry

Professional Services Invoicing Software

Customizable Invoice Templates

Employee Home Page

Project Workspaces

Executive Dashboards

Learn More

Check out our eBook, Professional Services Automation: A Quick Primer.

Get Introduced

Watch our Projector Walkthroughs to get a feel for the software


Projector is more than just a great product. With the Projector e3 program, we make it our business to make sure you know what you need to know in order to get the most out of the system. To us, user education is an ongoing commitment. Not an afterthought. Not a one-time event.

We provide world-class services at multiple levels:

Whether you want to implement Projector on your own, or need a turn-key solution, our services will get you implemented quickly and make sure you’re maximizing the value you get out of Projector.

Spotlight on Projector Projector_e3_logo400x400

Projector e3 consists of an online user community, over 50 hours of training videos, an asset library, design review opportunities, live events, and engaging webinars. The entire community is dedicated to ongoing, proactive education, engagement, and empowerment of our users.

Projector e3 Community
Resource Scheduling

Projector is one of the few software companies that truly prioritizes the level of service it provides to its clients equally to the software it is developing.Vivian Keena, CEO, Luxent

Sample e3

Interested in sampling some e3 content? Take a look at our Walkthrough series designed to help speed ramp-up.


Utilization Performance of Projector Professional Services Automation Software Users
Profitability of Projector PSA Software Users
Delivery Performance of Projector PSA Software Users
Efficiency Advantage of Users of Projector's Professional Services Automation Software

With a great product and great services, you’d expect nothing less than great performance. Year after year, independent studies show that firms that use a PSA tool perform better than organizations that don’t.

Better yet, firms that use Projector as their Professional Services Automation solution outperform those that use a different PSA software solution. They experience:

  • Higher utilization

  • Higher profitability

  • More successful projects

  • More satisfied clients

But, don’t take our word for it. Take a look at independent benchmarks by Service Performance Insight, a research firm that specializes in analyzing the professional services industry.

PS Benchmark

Want the full details of the latest SPI Professional Services Maturity Model Benchmark?


Interested in benchmarking yourself against the market? Want to see how you compare against Projector users?


Perhaps the ultimate expression of a product’s impact on the business is what our users say about us. Based on satisfaction scores of PSA buyers, year after year, Projector consistently ranks as the highest rated PSA tool on the market.

  • When we started our search for a Professional Services Automation tool, Projector immediately stood out because of its refreshing depth. It was able to model our business and our revenue recognition needs in ways that its competitors were simply unable to.

    Bruce Lovenberg
    Logical Design Solutions, Inc.
  • Projector’s sophisticated reporting tools provide our Board and our management team great visibility into the performance of our business against key operating metrics.

    Emily DeMelo
    Optaros, Inc.
  • The Projector user interface is so elegant and quick that it’s a pleasure to use. I have previously used two other PSAs (that I will not embarrass by naming), and what I can do in Projector in two minutes would have taken orders of magnitude longer in those systems.

    Ian Willats
    Ian Willats
    Managing Director
    Pebble Bay
  • Talk about results–Projector was key to driving a 16 percentage point increase in billable utilization and a return on investment of more than $9.8M.

    David McKenney
    David McKenney
    Vice President
    Bentley Systems
  • Overall the best PSA tool on the market.

    Ed Nemes
    Ed Nemes
  • The system has totally transformed our operations, and excited our team members and customers. Team members highlighted our switch to Projector as one of their top “satisfiers” in a recent employee survey—they love it.

    Jim Hennessy
    Jim Hennessy
    e4 Services
  • Projector knows the ins and outs of a professional services business. It was clear from the beginning that this company had developed a tool that can handle any situation in the consulting business.

    Bryan McGowan
    Bryan McGowan
    Controller and Director of Operations
  • Projector continually surprises me with the amount of thought that went into its design. Several times, we came up with needs we thought were obscure, only to find those features already built into the product.

    Mavis Chin
    Mavis Chin
    EVP Delivery
    Optaros, Inc.
  • Case Study of PDG's Deployment of Projector PSA Software Ed McKenna, VP Operations, Performance Development Group

PSA Software Satisfaction by Vendor

Success Stories

Check out more case studies, customer profiles, and testimonials.


Now that we’ve been able to tell you a little about our product, our services, and how they impact our clients, we’re hoping you’re interested in learning more. You may be just starting to learn about PSA software or you may be looking to build your short list. You may want to do your own research, or you may want someone from our team to work with you.

No matter where you are in your process, here are some great next steps to learn more:

Interested in giving Projector a try? Choose from a pre-populated account with demo data or a blank account to model your own business. Both are fully functional and both are free.
If you’re more interested in a guided tour, schedule a live demo of Projector. Our team would be happy to put together a demo personalized to your business and your needs.

Finally, if you’re interested in perspectives on the professional services market, professional services automation solutions, and how to make your professional services organization perform, we’d definitely encourage you to keep an eye on our blog.

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