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Projector's Professional Services Automation software provides the answers you need to run your service organization – sometimes even before you ask the questions. Our system takes care of the little details like tracking time and expenses, invoicing clients, scheduling resources, and managing projects and turns them into information you can act on. Our team has decades of experience in the professional services industry; experience that we apply passionately to every screen, every customer, every rollout. So, if you are looking for world-class, cloud-based professional services automation software, look no further. Stop Wondering, Start Projecting.


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When we started our search for a Professional Services Automation tool, Projector immediately stood out because of its refreshing depth. It was able to model our business and our revenue recognition needs in ways that its competitors were simply unable to. spacer

- Bruce Lovenberg, CFO, Logical Design Solutions, Inc.

I consider Projector a competitive advantage, not just an application that we use. It's totally scalable and is a system that will continue to satisfy our needs as we grow in size and complexity. spacer

- Kevin O'Sullivan, Partner, Enterprise Financial Consulting

The Projector team obviously has a deep understanding of applying technology to solve complex business problems and has used it to build an extremely robust Professional Services Automation tool that models our business with greater precision than anything else we've seen. spacer

- Don Swalinski, VP of Professional Services, Prolifics

Projector has been instrumental in enabling our rapid growth since we started using it in 2005. With its excellent integration with QuickBooks, Projector has enabled us to grow into a complex, multi-national organization without having to switch to a more expensive accounting system. spacer

- Herb Matheson, President, Validation Technologies, Inc.