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Professional Services Automation Software
What Is It and Who Needs It?

Professional Services Automation (PSA) software acts as the core operational system for a professional services organization. PSA solutions bridge the gap between an organization’s CRM and accounting systems by helping teams deliver remarkable work for their clients, but in a profitable and efficient manner. PSA tools allow teams to stay focused on the two things that are at the very heart of any services firm: its people and its projects.



Maximize resource utilization by efficiently pairing up resourcing needs with available talent

Manage projects through all phases of their lifecycles, from scoping to closeout

Keep valuable billable resources focused on delivering great work by reducing administrative burden​

Maximize project profitability by ensuring projects are being delivered on time and under budget

Ensure both hard and soft factors are considered when staffing projects -- from certifications to professional development interests

Monitor the health of the entire portfolio of projects to allow executives to intervene early and effectively

Keep track of what people are spending their time on, in order to keep people in that sweet spot between boredom and burnout

Track time and expenses invested in delivering each project and ensure clients are invoiced quickly and accurately

Put the right tools and visibility into the hands of the people who can make the greatest impact on your business: your delivery staff

Recognize revenue according to GAAP standards - neither too early nor too late


Many Disciplines Working Together

PSA software is built for services organizations whose primary business model is managing client projects and selling high-value, knowledge-based services. The product features are designed to take all the granular, transactional data and roll it up into a perspective of how the organization is performing. The resulting visibility allows executives to efficiently monitor performance and quickly make data-driven decisions.

Due to its singular focus on the professional services industry, PSA software enables performance improvement by providing the metrics, best practices, concepts and tools designed to help services organizations operate as efficiently as possible.

Professional services teams make better and faster decisions when everyone has the same understanding of the truth. Projector’s PSA software is a unifying platform that provides purpose-built tools and contextualized insights to each unique role within a services organization. 

See how our approach influences our Project Accounting features.

Project Accounting

Effortlessly access the information your business needs to keep track of the day-to-day, surface problem areas quickly, and efficiently manage the entire quote to cash cycle. Projector’s project accounting software is the foundation that remarkable performance is built upon.

  • Time & Expense Management

  • Project Budgeting

  • Invoicing

  • Multi-currency Accounting

  • Sub-contractor Management
  • Rate & Revenue Management

  • Revenue Recognition

  • Vendor Management

  • Financial Reporting

  • General Ledger Integration
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See how our approach influences our Resource Scheduling features.

Resource Scheduling

Accurately anticipate staffing needs and project forward looking utilization, revenue, and profitability with precision. Projector’s resource scheduling software keeps your teams on task while unlocking an unprecedented view into the future of your business.

  • Smart Match Booking

  • Wave Scheduling

  • Extended Forecasting
  • Skills & Abilities Tracking

  • Labor Supply & Demand Management

  • Calendar Integrations

See how our approach influences our Project Management features.

Project Management

Expertly transition from planning to delivery to performance measurement, and back again. Projector’s natively embedded project management software connects your project plans to your past, present, and future looking views to deliver actionable feedback loops.

  • Task Planning & Management

  • Actionable Budgets & Alerts

  • Issue Tracking
  • Project Collaboration Areas

  • Detailed Progress Reporting

  • PM tool Integrations
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Advanced Analytics

See how our approach influences our Advanced Analytics features.

Advanced Analytics

Instantly understand the performance of projects, teams, or the organization as a whole through powerful and customizable dashboards. Projector’s advanced analytics tools ensure your business is able to realize the full benefits of achieving extended real-time visibility.

  • Service-centric Dashboards

  • Exploratory Visualizations

  • Role-based Access & Sharing
  • Customizable KPIs

  • Data Import & Joining

  • 3rd Party Business Intelligence Integration

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We Make Integration Easy.

As a true best-of-breed PSA solution, Projector provides robust connectivity into the other applications in your unique technology ecosystem. Enjoy the freedom to choose business solutions based on the value they provide to your business, not the technologies they’re built upon. 

Microsoft Active Directory

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Active Directory

Projector integrates with various SSO tools such as Active Directory to allow for reliable, seamless identity authentication.
Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Dynamics GP

Gain financial control, management information, and operational efficiency without disrupting your accounting procedures.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Enhance your customer relationships by allowing data to effortlessly flow from Dynamics CRM into Projector's platform.

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Seamlessly pass sales opportunities into Projector to increase the accuracy of proposals and achieve a holistic pipeline view.
Google Data Studio

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Google Data Studios

Effortlessly connect Google Data Studios with Projector's BI tool to achieve compelling stories of data visualization art.
quickbooks online

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QuickBooks Online

Provide QuickBooks with all of the information your finance team needs to accurately manage A/R, A/P, and G/L transactions.
Jira Software

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Track effort against your Jira issues within Projector's platform to plan, track, and manage your software development projects.
sage intacct

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Sage Intacct

Translate operational activities into accounting transactions and send them to Sage Intacct – at the click of a button.
Microsoft project

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Microsoft Project

Effortlessly integrate your Microsoft Project data into Projector to combine the best capabilities of both products.

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Projector integrates with various SSO tools such as Okta to allow for reliable, seamless identity authentication.

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Projector integrates with various SSO tools such as OneLogin to allow for reliable, seamless identity authentication.
Power BI

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Power BI

Automatically combine your Projector reports with your Power BI data for interactive visualizations within Projector's platform.
quickbooks desktop

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QuickBooks Desktop

Provide QuickBooks with all of the information your finance team needs to accurately manage A/R, A/P, and G/L transactions.

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Connect your Smartsheet data with Projector to automate workflows, collaborate, manage, and report on work in real time.

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Effortlessly connect your Projector data with Tableau and seamlessly display visualizations with Projector's advanced analytics feature to get a full picture of your business.

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Pass your ToDoIst data into Projector to get a clear overview of your workload and never lose track of an important task.

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Provide Xero with all of the information your finance team needs in order to gain a real time view of your cash flow.

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Access ZenDesk's issue and project tracking software right within the Projector platform to help your teams manage work.

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Zoho CRM

Pass your Zoho CRM data into Projector to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow your revenue.

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