Projector can take QuickBooks far beyond the basic financial management of your firm by helping you manage all of the operational aspects of your business.

Projector’s professional services automation software helps project-based services organizations track time and expenses, invoice clients, schedule resources, and manage projects. As such, it’s much more than just a time and expense-entry interface for QuickBooks — it’s a full project accounting sub-ledger.

Projector offers:
  • Web and mobile time entry
  • Web-based expense entry
  • Configurable review and approval workflows for time and expenses
  • Revenue management, including revenue recognition, routing, and accruals for unbilled and deferred revenue balances
  • Insight into the profitability of fixed-price engagements — even before they’re completed
  • Reduction of “revenue leakage,” allowing you to easily track and invoice for all billable time and expenses
  • Detailed analytics of revenue, profitability, performance to budget, and more

Projector has a built-in connector for current and recent versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop versions for the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. This pre-built connector doesn’t require any programming or custom development, so end users can configure and maintain them by themselves quickly and easily.

“Why do I need Projector when I have QuickBooks?”

When you use Projector as your QuickBooks job accounting sub-ledger, Projector translates operational activities into accounting transactions and sends them to QuickBooks electronically — at the click of a button. These transactions allow you to continue to manage your A/R and A/P aging, pay vendors, and apply cash receipts within QuickBooks.

Because the two applications share information in just the right way, you’ll get the financial control, management information, and operational efficiency that you need. In addition, because QuickBooks will no longer need to capture or manage project-level detail, you’ll be able to extend the useful life of QuickBooks as your business grows.

The pre-built connector allows you to:

  • Send accounting transactions to QuickBooks electronically exactly once, avoiding the drudgery and potential errors of rekeying.
  • Create summary invoices and bills in QuickBooks so you can continue to manage aging, cash application, and cash disbursement there.
  • Extend the functionality of QuickBooks by managing the complexities of multi-currency accounting, intercompany transactions, and project-level details in Projector.
  • Integrate Projector into your month-end closing processes by providing users with full control over accounting periods in Projector.
  • Reconcile the two applications quickly using Projector’s pre-built reports and cross-reference numbers.
  • Synchronize QuickBooks’ customers and vendors with Projector’s clients and resources.
  • Distribute job-related responsibilities to project managers and other staff without having to grant them access to QuickBooks.
How It Works

Once you decide you’d like to use the pre-built connector for QuickBooks, our implementation team will guide you through configuring Projector so that it works with your QuickBooks chart of accounts and class structure.

Projector accumulates general ledger, A/P, and A/R transactions as you use it to approve time and expenses, perform revenue recognition, approve payment vouchers, and issue invoices. When you’re ready, you tell Projector to send those accumulated transactions to QuickBooks. The connector then creates the transactions in QuickBooks and links the two entries in both products. Once complete, Projector marks the sent transactions to prevent accidental duplication.

Projector and QuickBooks make a great team. Since there’s no programming or custom development required, it’s easy to get started using Projector to capture and manage time and expenses, invoice clients, schedule resources, and manage projects.