tracks your sales pipeline and all the work you do to win new business. Of course, Projector picks up where leaves off: once you’ve won the opportunity. But Projector also augments before leaves off. Projector’s connector provides a unified view of both future forecasted and booked business, so that you can set aside resources for high-probability opportunities, and begin capturing time and expenses as soon as you win a new project.

Projector’s professional services automation software provides project-based services organizations with the tools they need to deliver projects successfully — and profitably.

Use Projector’s integrated suite of Advanced Analytics, Project Accounting, Resource Scheduling and Project Management to:

  • Project future financials and track historical performance.
  • Forecast resource requirements and identify unmet staffing needs.
  • Track the investment required to both win and deliver projects.
  • Measure total revenue, profitability, and project health.
  • Analyze performance by project, client, geographical region, or sales person.
  • Manage when and how much you invoice clients separately from how much revenue you recognize.
  • Keep an eye on the big picture through dashboards and reports.
“If we get that project, can we staff it?”

The built-in connector seamlessly transmits account, opportunity, and projections data from into Projector. By using both products together, you can easily manage your customers through their entire lifecycle from acquisition to invoicing.

The connector automatically creates clients and projects in Projector, and subsequently deletes them if the opportunities are lost. As opportunities become more certain, you can create and refine your staffing plans in Projector to fine-tune your revenue and profit forecasts. This ensures your team is ready to hit the ground running as soon as your clients are.

When you use and Projector together, you can:

  • Run a single report in Projector that provides a consolidated view of booked and potential revenue, utilization, and staffing needs from both systems.
  • Analyze forecasts by likelihood, including factored revenue and utilization measures.
  • Automatically create Projector clients and projects from accounts, opportunities, and products.
  • Control business rules and triggers that define when opportunities appear in Projector and how they’re modeled.
How it Works

You can configure the connector in many ways to meet your business needs. You define which fields map to which Projector fields, which changes trigger information updates, and the business rules that dictate how your data flows.

For example, you may decide that once a opportunity reaches 50% probability, you want a project to show up in Projector in the “Proposal” stage, with the account owner as the project manager, and a certain amount of revenue projected out at a 50% likelihood. If you win the opportunity, the connector can automatically move the project to the “Delivery” stage with a 100% likelihood. If you lose it, the connector can simply delete the project.

Once you decide how you want the interface to operate, our team can create a simple configuration file that embodies your rules. After that, the integration can run automatically, synchronizing everything as you’ve specified. After the integration runs, you can access all of your data in Projector for resource projections and scheduling, time and expense tracking, detailed project management, and reporting.

In this way, you can manage your projects all the way from prospecting to delivery, starting from high-level estimates in Salesforce and progressing through to detailed, bottom-up project plans in Projector. Projector gives you the tools you need to prepare for the projects in your pipeline, and to deliver the great work that keeps your business humming and your clients coming back.