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PSA Software Packages Built For Your Specific Needs

Flexible Packages

Enterprise Grade PSA Software Configurable To Your Business

Projector PSA drives remarkable value with packages specifically built to address your business needs. From true multi-country functionality to leading-edge BI analytics and award-winning customer support, Projector is the PSA solution used by some of the most successful services organizations in the world.

Projector PSA Plans


Best for: Mid-sized firms investing to scale for distributed operations, especially internationally.
  • Project Accounting
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Rates, invoicing & accounting in up to 5 currencies
  • Multi-company operations across up to 3 legal entities
  • One accounting integration
  • One CRM integration
  • Add-on Option: Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards
  • Add-on Integrations: web Services API
  • Add-on Integrations: Hosted custom integrations


Best for: Larger firms with international operations optimizing for efficiency and to support acquisitions.
  • Project Accounting
  • Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Rates, invoicing & accounting in unlimited currencies
  • Multi-company operations across unlimited legal entities
  • Unlimited accounting integrations
  • Unlimited CRM integrations
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards included
  • Web services API included
  • Integration with unlimited charts of accounts
  • Enterprise Configuration
  • Add-on Integrations: Hosted custom integrations

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