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Project Management

Projector’s Project Management module is part of an integrated Professional Services Automation platform and seamlessly functions alongside the Project Accounting, Resource Scheduling, and Projector BI modules. This consolidation means that the data used to track projects is the same information that is used to recognize revenue, schedule resources, and bill clients.

The Project Management module translates task-level planning into high-level resourcing requirements in one click, keeping project teams, resource managers, and executives on the same page. Its powerful tools help measure and maximize the effectiveness of your project managers

Project workspaces help service leaders and their teams deliver projects smoothly and successfully. Whether they need to find documents, track issues, manage risks, or share information across the room or across the world, Projector puts the information they need right at their fingertips.

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Collected from SPI Research’s annual Professional Services Benchmark

Projector’s Quantifiable Impact

According to SPI Research’s comprehensive market report, Projector’s PSA platform reduced project overruns by 20% and improved on-time project delivery by 5% compared to products by other commercial PSA vendors.


Reduction in project overruns


Improvement of on-time delivery

Services organizations that use Projector are better able to deliver remarkable projects for their clients.

Project Management Features:

Advanced Task Planning and Tracking

Projector’s project management application creates bottom-up hierarchical project plans that describe individual tasks, the resources assigned to them, timelines, and deadlines, displaying them as Gantt charts or simple task lists based on users’ personal preferences. Once tasks are created in Projector, they can be modeled using complex dependencies with leads and lags, assigned, displayed online with due dates to the the relevant staff. Projector can also easily import and export Microsoft Project plans if desired.

Project Managers are freed from unnecessary busywork by automating timesheet and task status collection. Projector uses this information to help quickly assess the state of entire projects based on measures such as performance to budget and schedule, or using earned value metrics.

Projector also quickly becomes a rich reserve of historical information with continued use, which service leaders can lean on to plan future projects more accurately.

Detailed Project Management Budgeting

Project managers can choose how to track performance of projects to budget, ranging from a basic summary of hours to a more complex revenue budget, time-phased by week, and broken down by activity. Project delivery teams can also track performance based on burn rates or cumulative spend, budget consumed to date, or projected performance at completion.

Projector enables users to clearly see the difference between being under budget versus behind schedule, by showing spend to date in real time, as well as what objectives have been accomplished with that spend.

Projector can also define “thresholds” on budgets that will trigger automatic email alerts to warn when projects are at risk of going over budget. These answers provide the opportunity to make adjustments before it’s too late.

Project Workspaces

The Project Management module provides project delivery teams and clients with secure access to virtual project collaboration areas. These project workspaces offer keyword search, version control, issues tracking, risk management, and many more features to help virtual, geographically dispersed teams collaborate together to ensure the successful delivery of their projects.

Projector’s client portal helps professional services organizations get paid  for their work faster by giving clients instant access to issued invoices, due dates, and payment status.

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