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Projector BI Advanced Analytics

Projector BI is a full-fledged PSA tool providing real-time business intelligence reporting specifically for professional services organizations. Advanced analytics combines data from multiple sources to deliver a single, centralized source of truth. Information from across your business is consolidated and displayed in visually rich BI dashboards — providing actionable insights and improved data to support better management and results across the organization.

Advanced Analytics
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Projector’s Quantifiable Impact

According to SPI Research’s comprehensive market report, services organizations with the type of “extended real-time visibility” provided by Projector performed 9.6% better in terms of on-time project delivery and 26% better in terms of project profitability, leading to 14.3% more referenceable clients. Are you ready for greater visibility and elevated remarkable performance?


Better performance of on-time project delivery


Better project profitability


More referenceable clients


Performance BI Dashboards

Performance BI dashboards provide executives with a 360° view of their organization. Quickly check in on project health, staffing levels, resource utilization, or financial health without having to wait for complex reports to be manually compiled. Each dashboard can be customized to display the level of information and advanced analytics needed to make decisions—ensuring the right people are receiving the right information at the right time.

Project Dashboards

Project Workspace dashboards deliver project-level information to project managers, project teams, or clients. Project teams and clients can remain in sync and enhance collaboration by selectively sharing the information they need to be well informed. Everyone involved will work off a single version of the truth, encompassing delivery metrics such as budget status to open issues or task completion.

Individual Dashboards

Individual dashboards are powerful communication tools that present personalized information on each user’s homepage. Deliver frictionless access to utilization performance, upcoming project schedules, vacation allowances, or any other information that should be front and center, while cutting back on the status update emails that never seem to end.

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