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Projector joins forces with BigTime Software

Combining teams, experience and a relentless customer focus to create the industry’s leading PSA platform.

projector psa joins forces with bigtime software

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Projector PSA joins forces with BigTime software

BigTime and Projector work with professional services organizations looking to grow and scale. Find the fit that’s right for your business by speaking to one of our services experts today!

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Read our blog post for the full story.

See why it made perfect sense for our two industry-leading companies to merge, and the possibilities now available to professional services organizations as a result.

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Check out the official press release.

See what company leadership had to say about this new chapter and what professional services organizations can expect as a result of the merger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing, yet! Projector customers will continue to be supported and get the amazing service they have always received, and they’ll continue to work with the world-class service and account teams that they know and love. In the longer-term, we are we are planning innovations to continue to improve utilization, profitability, delivery and growth in your professional service organization.

Nope! The team you work with on a daily basis will continue to support you. Denis, our CEO, will become President of Projector.  Steve, our COO, will remain in his role as COO of Projector.  This combination is about growing our team.  So you will likely meet some new folks as we embark on our next evolution of growth. 

Lots! For example, Projector brings world-class reporting and data visualization, BigTime brings amazing payment processing and user experience.  As our product teams collaborate, we plan on finding the best from both technologies to deliver for our customers.  

Both companies will continue to operate under their own names.

Both companies have amazing customer-first products and your long-term success is our priority. Reach out to your Account Executive and we’ll provide details to ensure you get the product that fits you best.

Totally unfair question… they are both really good!